FINAL FANTASY VII Remake and KINGDOM HEARTS 3 Get Pushed Back Again

It's been almost two full years since Square Enix blew everyone's minds at the PlayStation press conference at E3 2015 with the reveal that finally, after over a decade of begging, the beloved action RPG Final Fantasy VII is getting a complete remake for modern consoles.

Square Enix has released screenshots of the two games earlier this year, but apparently, the images do not indicate that the titles are close to being launched.

Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda addressed the franchise's potential future apart from IO, saying, "because the firm is engaged in the development of Hitman and other renowned titles, we are negotiating with prospective external investors capable of ensuring that these titles carry on".

Square Enix, like most Japanese studios, is accustomed to using its own internal technology in order to make the game work. However, Square Enix is certainly going to be taking a different approach with the game, revealing at one point that the game would be releasing in several parts.

But unlike previous titles, Final Fantasy VII remake and Kingdom Hearts III is being developed using the latest Unreal Engine.

Thanks, a href="" target="_blank Gematsu /a ". Hopefully we'll see more from the game during this year's E3 event.

The remake will be episodic, which could cause some frustration among players if Sony releases the PlayStation 5 before all installments have been released. Moreover, Haoki Hamguchi-lead programmer for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII-has taken over development of the FFVII Remake. It was a huge announcement considering that fans had been begging for a remake for years.

  • Arturo Norris