After heavy rain, Varthur Lake showers citizens with filthy foam

While authorities are spending millions of rupees on preventing the froth from spilling to nearby areas, much less efforts have been undertaken to reduce the pollution in the lakes, which is the root cause of foaming. The highly toxic lake spelled toxic foams all across the roads and the people had a tough time commuting.

The unbearable stench emanating from the lake has only added to the woes of commuters and residents. "The froth has also reached a hospital and a mall nearby", said residents.

Pravir B, a member of the citizen group Whitefield Rising, said that the wired mesh erected on the boundary of the lake that runs along Whitefield Main Road, had kept foam from entering the streets till the rain aggravated the condition. The overflowing froth even disrupted traffic. "Can't walk as toxic foam settles on skin, can't drive as it settles on windscreen".

Social media was abuzz with pictures & videos of the foam spilling over the nearby areas and on the road.

Apart from Varthur, other lakes in the city, Bellandur and Yemalur, also froth whenever there is a spell of rain.

In February this year, the 900-acre Bellandur lake was covered with fire and firefighters had to be summoned to control it. NDTV reported on March 27 that experts from Britain and Israel visited Bellandur lake on the invitation of the state government.

Residents allege that the lakes of Bengaluru are slowly becoming environmental hazards.

And now a similar situation is unfolding with Varthur lake as well. "Frothing in our lakes is going from bad to worse". Bengalureans from across the city have come together to reclaim lakes under United Bengaluru.

  • Leroy Wright