USA official considers laptop ban on all worldwide flights

The authorities in the United States are still considering banning laptops from cabin baggage on all worldwide flights, the head of Homeland Security says.

Kelly was asked by "Fox News Sunday" host Chris Wallace about whether he would implement a ban that covered all worldwide flights entering or leaving the U.S.

"We are going to, in a process of defining this, we're going to raise the bar for aviation security much higher than it is right now".

"There's a real threat", Kelly said, adding that terrorists are "obsessed" with the idea of downing a plane in flight, "particularly if it's a USA carrier, particularly if it's full of mostly US folks".

A bombing at a concert in Manchester, England has raised concerns that further attacks - possibly involving explosives packed in electronic devices - might be planned.

The TSA has begun testing certain new procedures at a limited number of airports, requiring people to remove additional items from carry-on bags for separate screenings.

There is a "real threat", Kelly said, that terrorist groups are plotting to blow up a US -flagged plane in flight.

DHS implemented in March a temporary ban on laptops in the cabins of flights originating at 10 airports in the Middle East, following a "credible" threat that ISIS meant to use bombs disguised as computer batteries to take down a Western airplane.

When asked about Trump's reported revelation of classified information to the Russians that came from Israeli intelligence, Kelly said "It's my understanding that the White House has pushed back and said he didn't do that so I'll take him at his word". All electronics bigger than a smartphone must be checked in.

"Our intention is that the foreign fighters do not survive the fight to return home to North Africa, to Europe, to America, to Asia, to Africa", he said. Some 3,250 flights a week are expected this summer between European Union countries and the United States, according to aviation industry figures.

  • Leroy Wright