United States arms deals will fail to make Saudi secure: Iran

The Iranian Regime's response to Donald Trump's visit to Saudi Arabia has been rather "unorthodox", according to a regional expert.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says the recent US arms deal with Saudi Arabia will fail to guarantee lasting security for Saudi Arabia as claimed by the US Department of State.

While Amir Abdullahian, an adviser to Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani and close friend of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, said: "In response to the existing Saudi Arabia, with a group of warmongering extremists at the helm, we must react with wisdom, power and force".

Sanctions also would be applied to those who support Iran's terror operations, including the IRGC, which is not now designated as a terror organization by the United States.

Both Republicans and Democrats have been clamouring for a response to Iran's ballistic missiles development and other activities. "We will not wait for them and their permission". And he would also tell him "it is important to reach out and talk to Iran".

"The U.S. secretary of state's expectations of the Iranian president indicate the U.S. officials' non-understanding of the Islamic Republic of Iran", Jazzayeri was quoted as saying in the country's state-controlled press.

The re-election of President Rouhani has helped those countries who signed the accord to continue to improve their economic and diplomatic relations with Iran and provide hope to the Iranian people. But the United States has long accused Iran of supplying missiles and other support to terrorist groups, and a year ago, the Shi'ite terror organization Hezbollah confirmed that it receives virtually all of its financial backing, as well as missiles and other weapons, from Iran. "We gave them a lifeline and we not only gave them a lifeline, we gave them wealth and prosperity".

Iranian president also highlighted bilateral and trilateral cooperation along with Russian Federation in regional issues including Astana talks and deemed them a step toward peace and stability in region. After managing to make a breakthrough in oil production in the shortest time possible, the Iranians have mostly leveled out budget losses from the drop in world energy prices.

  • Leroy Wright