Trump's Speech on Radical Islam Praised by US Jewish Groups

"Islamist", meanwhile, refers to political movements that seek to implement Islamic law and theology, making it less objectionable to Muslims when paired with "terrorism", the idea goes.

According to Mr Trump, "95% of the victims of terrorist attacks are themselves Muslims". Beyond his Muslim ban proposal and call to surveil United States mosques, Trump also said he was open to creating a database of Muslims in the USA - none of which he has disavowed.

However, in Riyadh, Trump abandoned any pretense of following up on his repeated rhetoric during the USA presidential election past year to hold the Saudi leaders accountable for their decades of financial and other support for Islamic extremists, Giraldi pointed out.

The speech on Islam, billed as the centerpiece of the Saudi visit - for a president who was highly critical of the religion throughout the campaign and proposed banning all Muslims from entering the U.S.

There was instead a much calmer USA leader telling Muslim counterparts that "this is not a battle between different faiths" but "a battle between barbaric criminals who seek to obliterate human life, and decent people of all religions who seek to protect it".

22 de mayo de 2017, 15:51Tehran, May 22 (Prensa Latina) Donald Trump visited a country with no concept of elections and whose people have never seen a ballot box, reasserted Iranian President Hassan Rouhani today, rejecting criticism of the United States president and the Saudi king.

"It's the message that we have said in various tenors and tones in the past, and it's something that's just a truism - you can't fight a war like this one-handed", Schreiber said.

"There is still much work to be done".

White House officials have attributed a verbal slip by President Donald Trump during his address in Saudi Arabia to exhaustion caused by his travel schedule.

Of the two leaders, Trump said, "they are ready to reach for peace".

Israel's chief enemy in the Middle East - must also cease funding, training and supplying weapons to terrorist groups and militias.

Trump, whose unorthodox approach has spurred some hope on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, has done no such managing of expectations. "It is purely a fight against good and evil", Rex Tillerson, U.S. Secretary of State said.

He also argued Hillary Clinton - already the subject of rampant conspiracy theories about her imminent death - lacked the "strength" and "stamina" to serve as President.

  • Zachary Reyes