Trump to make decision on Paris climate deal

He also reiterated the US commitment to the North Atlantic alliance.

"I will give you my complete and unshakable support", Mr. Trump said.

"His views are evolving, he came here to learn", Cohn said.

Where President Obama tried to encourage Iran to reform through the Iran nuclear agreement, President Trump sees a new alliance of Sunni Arab states and Israel, united against their common enemy Iran, as the key to curtailing terrorism and to a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians.

He notes that the American people chose Trump and adds, "so we are coming to terms with this choice".

Just before heading home Saturday, Trump drove it home, insisting again that North Atlantic Treaty Organisation members contribute more to the alliance.

Trump also touted a renewed commitment by NATO's member to spend more on defense.

Trump ended his nine-day trip with a speech to USA troops in Sicily, where he recounted his visits to Saudi Arabia, Israel, Belgium and Italy and his work to counter terrorism.

President Donald Trump is postponing a rally planned for next week in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The president said recent terrorist attacks in Manchester, England and Egypt underscored the need for the "defeat terrorism and protect civilization".

Vice President Mike Pence is scheduled to headline a fundraising "Roast and Ride" event in Iowa for Sen. Cohn stressed Friday that the president was simply being critical of the US trade deal with Germany.

Rolled eyeballs were the order of the day among senior European Union aides who couldn't decide whether Trump was badly briefed, incapable of mastering a complex brief or consciously engaging in megaphone diplomacy in order to show he is serious about his America First agenda.

He says, "it allows you to communicate in a discreet manner".

The Vatican secretary of state, Pietro Parolin, made his own pro-Paris pitch to Trump and his advisers.

Speaking at a post-summit news conference Saturday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said, "There is no indication of any kind as yet whether the USA will remain in the Paris Agreement", according to the German Press Agency dpa.

The leaders of Germany and France expressed disappointment, according to the Associated Press.

The six-page final communique from the summit says six of the leaders, including Canada, agreed to stand by their commitment to implement the Paris Agreement.

Almost 200 nations, including the US, agreed in 2015 to voluntarily reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

On Friday, G-7 leaders appeared to take a page out of the playbook other countries have followed, emphasizing America's unrivaled influence on the world stage. Macron said he told Trump it is "indispensable for the reputation of the United States and the interest of the Americans themselves that the United States remain committed" to the Paris climate agreement. Trump's surprise announcement, in the form of a tweet on the final day of his lengthy global trip, comes after he declined to commit to staying in the sweeping climate deal, refusing to give in to intense worldwide pressure. Trump wasn't swayed by arguments from Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, France's President Emmanuel Macron and others to honor the Paris agreement, agreed upon in 2015 by nearly 200 nations to cut fossil fuel emissions and boost funding to ease the effects of global warming.

President Donald Trump said that he would make a decision next week on whether the U.S. would commit to the 2015 Paris Agreement.

He has rolled back a number of Obama-era climate change measures, which will hamper USA efforts to fulfill its Paris pledges.

President Trump, addressing USA troops at Sigonella Naval Air Station in Italy in the final event of his first foreign trip, called his global tour "a home run".

The G-7 leaders also cut a compromise deal to acknowledge Trump's stance on trade.

Tensions recently escalated between the two countries after the Trump administration imposed new tariffs on softwood lumber from Canada and railed against its pricing of domestic milk to cover more dairy ingredients, which impacts US dairy producers.

The president is also facing pressure from his global counterparts. Trump tweeted this morning. "We're all trying to get to the right place and be respectful of each other".

Indeed, in Saudi Arabia, Arab nations signed an agreement to crack down on the financing of terrorism, and US and Saudi officials signed a new economic-investment and arms agreement.

  • Leroy Wright