The top awkward body language moments from Trump's first trip overseas

In the first of many unusual Trump moments on Thursday, his first meeting with the French president, Emmanuel Macron, on Thursday led to an awkward handshake that lasted just a little too long.

On Thursday, United States President Donald Trump and France's President Emmanuel Macron faced off in a handshake duel in which media is calling Macron the victor.

While Abe looked uncomfortable, the youngest president of France was not ready to succumb to the infamous Trump move - instead gripped him back tightly when they met recently at the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit in Belgium.

President Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron shared an intense handshake at their first meeting on May 25.

"They shook hands furiously - with Trump trying to pull his hand away and Macron holding onto it. Trump's knuckles turned whiter".

Donald Trump is now on his first overseas trip since he became the leader of the free world and so he is meeting many foreign leaders for the first time.

Macron won France's election this month by positioning himself as the anti-Trump, embracing globalization and immigration.

Trump called Macron after his resounding victory.

It's a question that bears repeating: what is it with Trump and handshakes? The official said Trump repeatedly referred to Le Pen as "this woman" in their conversation and never mentioned her by name, the official noted.

I was among the journalists, politicians, philanthropists and think tankers who gathered at the Kalorama neighborhood manse to participate in a conversation co-hosted by the Atlantic on the rise of populism in Western liberal democracies.

"The UK and France have always had a long and deep relationship and there is much that we can do together", May told Macron in front of reporters at the start of their meeting. However, he said he was not explicitly endorsing Le Pen. It probably helped that Macron was warned about Trump's alpha-male reindeer games prior to meeting him.

Mrs May said Monday's suicide bombing at a Manchester pop concert, which killed 22 people including children, was "one of our worst terrorist incidents that we've ever experienced".

Oh and someone in the past totally blocked Trump's offer to shake hands!

  • Larry Hoffman