Sen. John McCain: Senate Working On Its Version Of AHCA

The only thing the Legislature MUST do is pass a budget. At a Texas Tribune event earlier Thursday, two Republican senators - Konni Burton of Colleyville and Bryan Hughes of Mineola - predicted a special session was more likely than not at this point.

Senate Republicans, likewise, were able to state their position - although the governor, a Democrat, and Senate Republicans have been working together on a plan since the regular legislative session ended.

Every other item of business - CPS reform, property tax reform, school finance and school choice - are optional items.

The House and Senate departed the Capitol on Thursday for a four-day weekend in anticipation of a final push to resolve tax, education and budget conflicts. "I think reinsurance is a better way to go".

As we noted in a previous post, a source in Austin said that the consensus there is that Patrick "is unraveling".

"The House has compromised enough on this issue", Straus said.

Now we will have to see if we can hammer out agreements to get those over the finish line. The agency estimated that about one-sixth of the population - more than 50 million people - live in states that would make substantial changes under the waivers. "However, I see the value in it".

Republican state Sen. Larry Taylor moved to not concur with the House's changes on Senate Bill 2078, including its amendment to require school districts to provide single-occupancy bathrooms, locker rooms and changing facilities for students who don't want to use facilities associated with their "biological sex".

Mark Penn, co-director of the poll, told, "The voters want to neither go back to Obamacare nor to the House bill".

Then the House of Delegates, which had already voted down two different version of the plan, voted unanimously to refuse to consent to the latest passage.

The No. 2 Senate GOP leader, John Cornyn of Texas, expressed optimism that senators were narrowing their differences and said staff members could "start work" over the recess on writing some language of a Senate bill, but he conceded, "There's nothing final". Children are getting foster placements closer to their schools and hometown.

"He laid down the gauntlet tonight and I don't think the people of Texas and I hope the members of the house are gonna tolerate one man, standing alone, behind a microphone telling his members what they're going to do", Patrick said. So we're very intent on following through with that commitment.

This time, Senate Bill 1 passed unanimously with all 64 representatives present voting in favor of the measure. And they want to change the AHCA's refundable tax credits to offer more support to older and poorer Americans (the CBO found that the AHCA would lead to an nearly 10-fold increase in premiums for lower-income people between the ages of 50-64).

Teachers would also get training on how to properly handle personal boundaries and relationships with students. The bill also criminalizes the failure to report these inappropriate relationships, revokes a teacher's pension if that teacher is convicted of an improper relationship, and includes provisions for parental notification.

  • Larry Hoffman