Salvador Sobral of Portugal wins 2017 Eurovision song contest in Kiev

Most of us make do with Eurovision bingo or a song contest drinking game.

Portugal took 53 years to win the contest and 27-year-ld bar singer Sobral has achieved success in 2017 contest.

The 21-year-old Denmark representative proved practice makes ideal because she delivered a flawless vocal although her production was light-on with a waterfall of pyros the only concession to Eurovision's special effects agenda.

The song that had been tipped as the victor since all the songs became known earlier this year was Italy's Francesco Gabbani with Occidentali's Karma.

Russian Federation has vowed that Samoilova will compete in 2018, placing Ukraine in a tricky dilemma over whether to participate alongside her. But this year's Russian entrant, Yuliya Samoylova, was blocked from competing by Ukraine because she had toured in Crimea after Russia's 2014 annexation of the peninsula.

Lucie Jones sang the United Kingdom to its best finish in 8 years at the Eurovision Song Contest.

The Moscow-Kiev split was a headache for Eurovision's producer, the European Broadcasting Union, which strives to keep pop and politics separate.

Fears were unfounded, however, and the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 ran smoothly in this regard.

At first glance, Sobral's decision to forgo the elaborate choreography and heavy dance tempos favoured by most contestants in the kitsch contest had made him a long shot.

Not only is the win historic for the people of Portugal, but it will no doubt mean a lot to Salvador himself who suffers from a life-threatening heart condition, and was frequently absent from "Eurovision" rehearsals in order to save his energy for the special night.

"And yes, there is a war going on, but it's further, further out", said Stephanie Novak, a visiting fan from Australia. They placed ninth at the end of the competition.

The closest Portugal ever came to winning the contest was in 1996, when Lúcia Moniz finished 6th. Let us know your thoughts by commenting below.

  • Salvatore Jensen