Rouhani says Iran ready to promote relations with the world

Rouhani garnered 23,549,616 votes from a total of 41,220,131 ballots that were cast in the presidential election on Friday, he added.

Friday's vote in Iran was the revenge of the moderates.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani handily won re-election in what amounts to a victory for the Shiite nation's reformist camp and a sign that citizens favor fruitful engagement with the outside world.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani won a resounding victory in the 12th Presidential polls on Saturday as voters yearning for more freedom at home and less isolation overseas have emphatically backed the moderate cleric.

His re-election was a stamp of approval for the 2015 nuclear agreement that Iran signed with six world powers under which Tehran curbed uranium enrichment in exchange for an easing of worldwide economic sanctions.

For many, it was a chance to breathe easily again after a tense campaign between Rouhani and his hardline opponent Ebrahim Raisi.

Rouhani highlighted his desire for further outreach - and with it, the prospect of creating jobs through outside investment - in his victory speech.

But Mr Rouhani's own powers are limited by those of Ayatollah Khamenei, who has the last say on many crucial and strategic issues.

The Kremlin said Putin sent a telegram confirming "his readiness to continue active joint line with maintaining stability and security in the Middle East and the world as a whole". "This is the most important message that our nation would like all governments, neighbors, and especially world powers to hear correctly", Rouhani emphasized. But what scant data that was available before the vote showed Rouhani in the lead.

Rouhani beat his main challenger, Ebrahim Raisi, by almost 19 percentage points in an election that saw high turnout at the polls.

"His renewed term promises tougher economic reforms inside the country to boost the confidence of foreign companies looking to invest in Iran".

The president, known for decades as a conciliatory figure, remade himself on the campaign trail as a reformist political street fighter, accusing hardliners of brutality and corruption in language that frequently strained at the boundaries of what is permitted in Iran.

Many female drivers held out the V for victory sign and flashed their auto lights on highways to celebrate the win in Tehran's affluent north.

"Our people have declared to neighbouring countries and the whole region that the path to ensuring security is the reinforcement of democracy and not relying on foreign powers".

Press TV has talked to Tehran University professor Foad Izadi, and the president of the American Institute for Foreign Policy Michael Lane to discuss the significance of President Rouhani's victory and the message it sent to the worldwide community.

In the capital's central Vali-e-Asr Square, revelers shot off fireworks and chanted in support of opposition leader Mir Hussein Mousavi, who has been under house arrest since 2011.

  • Leroy Wright