President Trump Touched an Orb and Illuminated the Internet

Mr Trump signed arms deals worth nearly $US110 billion during his two-day visit to Saudi Arabia.

Trump, without naming Pakistan, said, "Every nation has an absolute duty to ensure that terrorists find no quarter on their soil".

The president did not use his signature term "radical Islamic terrorism" in the speech, a signal that he heeded advice to employ a more moderate tone in the region after using the phrase repeatedly as a presidential candidate.

"Trump chose, instead, to make his first presidential visit to an oligarchic kleptocracy which forces women to hide their faces and forbids them to travel without a male guardian's permission".

The president had previously campaigned for a new database to track Muslims in the United States and later called for those from some nations to be banned from entering the country.

President Trump presented the world's top Muslim leaders Sunday with a message that was both reassuring and direct, offering "closer bonds of friendship, security, culture and commerce" but also challenging them to "drive out" of their societies those who claim inspiration from Islam as they commit terror around the world.

"America is prepared to stand with you in pursuit of shared interests and common security, but the nations of the Middle East can not wait for American power to crush this enemy for them".

In a jibe at the billion-dollar deals signed between Trump and the Saudi government, he said: "You can't solve terrorism just by giving your people's money to a superpower". "A better future is only possible if your nations drive out the terrorists and drive out the extremists".

Rohani said ties with Washington were "a curvy road", saying he hoped the Trump administration will "settle down" so "we could pass more accurate judgments". "Drive them out of your communities".

In that regard, he noted that the so-called Riyadh Declaration highlights the importance of fighting terrorism and the existence of an association between the United States and the Arab world, as well as a movement to stop the financing of extremism and terrorism.

"Terrorism is sponsored through groups like Hizbollah, by Iran, but there are also Sunni Islamic terrorist groups that the Iranians are fighting, not least Islamic State in Syria".

Trump said the two countries "have a wonderful relationship" but that "there has been a little strain" and vowed to improve things further.

The US should drop its "hostile" policies towards Iran, the country's re-elected President Hassan Rouhani said on Monday. Trump praised el-Sissi for the April release of Egyptian-American charity worker Aya Hijazi, detained in the country for almost three years.

The speech comes as Trump tries to escape the fallout from his May 9 firing of former FBI Director James Comey amid accusations he was trying to stop a federal investigation into his campaign's ties with Russian Federation past year.

  • Leroy Wright