President Donald Trump Still Won't Commit To The Paris Agreement

Demonstrators who had expressed concern that their ranks were infiltrated by anarchist groups scattered as some among them crashed toward the barricades and Italian police began lobbying tear gas at them.

British Prime Minister Theresa May told reporters that the G7 leaders agreed that climate was a priority, despite the fact that Trump is still mulling over his final decision.

Numerous protesters carried flags or wore bandanas over their faces with the hammer and sickle symbol, a communist symbol.

For more information about other nations leading the charge on renewable energy, including China and India, check out the latest blog by Rachel Cleetus, lead economist and climate policy manager at UCS.

"I saw someone who listens and who is willing to work", he said.

French President Emmanuel Macron struck a more positive note, saying the talks had been useful.

Abe adds, "there is a danger it can spread like a contagious disease".

Meanwhile, President Trump, who in the past has exuded skepticism about climate change and threatened to pull the US out of the Paris Agreement, tweeted on Saturday that he would make a decision about the climate accord next week.

The president early Saturday said he will make his decision about the deal next week. "So his views are evolving, which is exactly what they should be".

There was no immediate comment from the White House, but Trump has angrily rejected allegations of such collusion, and was expected to quit Sicily without giving the kind of closing news conference that is customary among the G7 leaders.

Gentiloni says: "Discussing is always useful". When he was asked directly which way Trump was leaning on the deal, Cohn said "I don't know".

Other odd moments from this trip include the "grip and grit your teeth" handshake with new French President Emmanuel Macron, the failed attempts at hand holding with the first lady and video of Trump shoving aside Dusko Markovic, the prime minister of Montenegro, as the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation leaders got ready for their class photo.

It turns out a year is a long time in G-7 summitry.

Meyer said many USA states, cities, and companies are moving forward on climate action while the Trump administration is "waffling" on the Paris Agreement.

Concrete news of the U.S. stance could come quickly - U.S. President Donald Trump used social media on Saturday to indicate he would make his decision on the Paris deal "next week". "The entire discussion about climate was very hard, if not to say very unsatisfying", announced German chancellor Angela Merkel, clearly frustrated with Trump's indecision during the talks.

However, the other G7 leaders pledged to "reaffirm their strong commitment to swiftly implement the Paris Agreement". The U.S. hasn't decided yet. "Therefore, we reiterate our commitment to keep our markets open and to fight protectionism, while standing firm against all unfair trade practices", it said, while pledging to help those left behind by globalisation, reported Agence France-Presse.

Climate and trade were sticking points at the two-day summit in Taormina, Sicily.

Diplomats said that on other key global issues, such as Syria and North Korea, there was broad G7 agreement.

Canada played a leadership role in pushing for the communique to include the language on fighting protectionism, the Paris Agreement, and in particular for the reference to gender equality being "fundamental to the fulfillment of human rights", according to a federal government source. The meeting with Merkel came just a day after Trump reportedly called Germans "bad". It's a scandal there is no credible plan at all to protect refugees, ' he said.

World leaders had hoped to put out a statement of consensus on the Paris Agreement which is created to cut global carbon emissions but Mr Trump took to social media to say he would make up his mind next week.

The joint communiqué made clear that all the G-7 nations except the United States remained determined to carry out the Paris agreement.

Mr Trump tweeted: "I will make my final decision on the Paris Accord next week!"

Trump "is isolating the USA from its most important allies and those allies stood strong in the face of backsliding", Heather Coleman, climate director at Oxfam America, said in a statement referring to the Paris Agreement policy of not weakening climate-related commitments over time.

That idea was shot down ahead of the meeting. The march was organized by unions protesting economic inequality, current migration policies and demanding lower military spending.

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