NBA, NHL finals will feature defending champions

The Warriors' regular season was more understated than many expected, but it was nonetheless dominant.

LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and the Cavaliers will now face Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals for the third straight season. The latest argument is that San Antonio would have found a way to win the Western Conference Finals if Kawhi Leonard didn't go down to injury in Game 1. They won the three road games in the series by a combined 90 points, the last two by a total of 77.

"Man, I hit him with punches that'd bring down the walls of a city", Frazier said. "Right now we are going to enjoy this and we will think about the Warriors tomorrow".

"I've got to do what's best for me in the long run, what's best for my body". So you have to appreciate it. "I'm excited about us getting an opportunity to represent our franchise in the Eastern Conference finals to go play for the big one".

Already, the back-and-forth is underway. Golden State Warriors schedule is 6 p.m. PT on June 1. Countered Golden State acting coach Mike Brown, when asked about it Thursday: "That's his opinion".

LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers will be the underdog against the Golden State Warriors as the NBA Finals get underway next week. Golden State forward Draymond Green put it in much stronger words when he told's David Aldridge in October that he wanted to "destroy" and "annihilate" the Cavs should they meet with a championship on the line again. But there's also a clear respect level between the clubs as well.

James called the Warriors, "the best team in our league the last three years". So it makes it even more hard. We made a lot of mistakes you don't make at this stage and they capitalized. "We have to be ready for the challenge".

There are a handful of superstars who can drag their teams to the finals. Durant is chasing the first championship of his career and would love nothing more than to finally be able to accomplish his dream. Cleveland, during the regular season scored 110.3 points per game, and allowed 107.2 per game. (Surgery is) not the No. 1 option right now but it could be once the swelling goes down. The story lines are plenty, including a few fresh ones, such as acting Golden State coach Mike Brown going against the team he coached not once but twice.

Durant took the West, the only conference that had any sort of competitive playoff landscape, and made it a complete monarchy which the Warriors swept through.

"It's a little different, definitely".

"I can't play for every team, so the truth of the matter is I left one team", continued Durant. "I was like, 'If I'm not scoring the ball, how can I still make an impact on the game?' It's carried me all the way to this point now, and it's going to carry me for the rest of my career because scoring is not No. 1 on my agenda". You can't just sleep walk through a season and sleep walk through the playoffs and expect to be here.

  • Julie Sanders