Israel Prime Minister Responds to Secretary Tillerson on US Embassy Move

In a discussion about President Trump's upcoming visit to the region and possibly moving the USA embassy to Jerusalem, Tillerson appeared to equate the state of Israel and the Palestinians.

United Nations ambassadors, world leaders, diplomats and even USA presidents have all touted a two-state solution as the way to bring lasting peace to the Middle East, and many repeat the familiar narrative that Israel is the main obstacle to that two-state, peaceful solution.

The U.S. passed a law in 1995 mandating the relocation of its embassy, but since then every U.S. president has signed a six-month waiver delaying the move - citing concerns over national security.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has faced a political backlash from his right-wing base over the issue, particularly after a report that he advised Trump against moving the embassy to the disputed city for now.

Past administrations have said they would move the us embassy to Jerusalem if Palestine and Israel made peace.

Adelson disagrees with the notion the embassy move should be tied to progress in the Mideast peace process, sources informed Axios.

However, the worldwide community does not recognize Israel's annexation of east Jerusalem, which the Palestinians seek as the capital of a future independent state.

Besides his one-day stay in Israel, President Trump will also visit Saudi Arabia for his first overseas visit since his inauguration in January. "And so, I think in large measure the president is being very careful to understand how such a decision would impact a peace process".

Binyamin Netanyahu insisted on Monday that he had asked President Donald Trump to move the USA embassy to Jerusalem, highlighting a potentially explosive point of contention with the Americans just a week before the United States president is due to make his first visit to Israel. The US president could now anger both Israelis and Palestinians with his visit.

He has also advocated moving the embassy to Jerusalem.

President Donald Trump may have angered the Israeli government just days before his trip to the Middle East.

Palestinians are seeking to create an independent state in the territories of the West Bank, East Jerusalem al-Quds and the Gaza Strip, with East al-Quds as the capital.

The reaction to Trump's reported visit to the site shows why sitting USA presidents have stayed away from the Western Wall.

Among the main bones of contention are Netanyahu insisting that the Palestinians recognise Israel as the nation state of the Jewish people and the Palestinians calling for a halt to Israeli settlement building in the West Bank.

  • Zachary Reyes