Here's how Trump's 3% economic growth target stacks up against past presidents

Democrats and other analysts are skeptical about the 3 percent forecast, which the administration includes in the second half of the 10-year budget window they use.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin (mih-NOO'-shin) is urging lawmakers to pass legislation to increase the government's borrowing limit before leaving on their August recess.

The Medicaid cuts represent a little more than 12 percent of the $4.6 trillion Mr. Trump proposes to cut from federal spending over the next decade.

As a candidate and as president Trump has frequently talked about making health care more affordable for regular folks, including by lowering premiums and deductibles. Trump previously assured his base that he would not cut Medicare, Social Security or Medicaid if elected. "If you are on disability and you should not be, we need you to go back to work". Student loan subsidies, home heating assistance and Great Lakes cleanup would be on the chopping block as the departments of education, environment, energy and State take hits. Mark Warner, D-Va., told Mulvaney Thursday. "It assumes that the stars perfectly align".

"The Trump budget is shockingly extreme, the antithesis of what the American people have said they want from their government", Jayapal said. In an April Pew Research Center survey, majorities in both political parties said they favored maintaining or increasing spending in almost all of the 14 specific budget areas that respondents were asked about.

"I don't know that your priorities are much different from my priorities for USDA", he told Aderholt. Georgia Rep. Sanford Bishop said the cuts "fail the test of basic human decency".

The budget is harsh on the poor and low-income Americans.

"Regarding the double-counting", Mulvaney said, "here's one of the things I think that a lot of folks have overlooked - and we did it on goal because it's sort of hard to count this, and you don't want to make too many assumptions - you have to make assumptions about a budget. And I think that's a very hard thing".

The budget does feature a handful of domestic initiatives, including a six-week paid parental leave program championed by Trump's daughter, Ivanka, that would be designed and financed by the states through cuts to unemployment insurance.

DeVos answered that that was not the federal government's business, but was for states and locales to decide.

"They've been wrong on so many things", Mulvaney said.

"I can assure you Big Bird makes more money than everybody in this room", Mulvaney said, ensuring PBS is a "for-profit cooperation" that does "very well".

Rep. Katherine Clark of MA asked whether a private school should be allowed to receive public money if it rejects LGBT students, DeVos says that decision is best left for states to make.

"You have said that the foundation of your budget is 3% growth and I have looked every which way about how you might get there and you can't get there". In 2011 President Obama and Republican House Speaker John Boehner negotiated a plan for $1.2 trillion in agency cuts and steps to curb Medicare and Social Security costs, along with $800 billion in new taxes.

When it suits the administration's case, Mulvaney relies on this same metric for measuring the budget as a proportion of the economy. "Their efforts against terrorism and other disasters won't immediately collapse". She says the cuts could be "devastating".

"Your budget proposal would make communities. less safe", Lowey said. LeadingAge President and CEO Katie Smith Sloan said the organization is "extremely disturbed" by those proposed cuts.

Kelly told the panel that while arrests at the border have dropped to records lows in the months since Trump took office, arrests of immigrants living in the country illegally have increased and for now, at least, the added jail space is necessary.

  • Leroy Wright