G-7 leaders give US more time on climate deal

The next G7 summit will be held in Canada.

The leaders had all left before the protest began.

French President Emmanuel Macron, however, said he thought "there was progress" and aired hope that the US would stay aboard. He also tweeted that he would be making his decision next week.

"I saw someone who listens and who is willing to work", he said.

"So far there is no indication whether the United States of America will continue to participate in the Paris agreement or not", she said.

It's not the first time the two have spoken.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said the G-7 also agreed to step up pressure on North Korea, including sanctions.

The gathering of leaders from the wealthiest democracies in the world ended without a unanimous agreement on climate change, as the USA said it wanted to take more time to decide whether to stay on with the Paris accord - or back out, as Trump had promised to do on the campaign trail. Money is starting to pour in, " Trump said, echoing an earlier tweet on the subject.

"We call upon all countries of the region to play a constructive role by contributing to efforts to achieve inclusive political solutions, reconciliation and peace, which are the only way to eradicate ISIL, other terrorist groups and violent extremism in the long-term in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and beyond", the communique says.

"He digested that", Cohn said.

"Europe, Canada and Japan stood up today and made a stand, revealing again how far Trump is out of step with the rest of the world on climate change", Jennifer Morgan, Greenpeace's global executive director, said in Sicily.

"Discussing is always useful. President Trump should now return to Washington and make the right decision, take climate change seriously and take action with the rest of the world".

He notes that the American people chose Trump and adds, "so we are coming to terms with this choice".

Despite the lack of commitment, French President Emmanuel Macron had warm words for Trump.

The Prime Minister's Office issued a statement outlining some priorities Canada hopes to highlight at the 2018 summit - including familiar language on strengthening the middle class, advancing gender equality, as well as diversity and inclusion, and the fight against climate change.

"There have been differences, to be sure, in some past summits, but not a sharp open split like this", he said.

President Trump, addressing US troops at Sigonella Naval Air Station in Italy in the final event of his first foreign trip, called his worldwide tour a "home run".

Iain Keith, campaign director of Avaaz, an activist network, said: "Today, G6 leaders put our planet first, showing that even the U.S. president can not stop the inevitable clean energy revolution".

TAORMINA, Sicily Seven wealthy democracies ended their summit Saturday in Italy without unanimous agreement on climate change, as the Trump administration plans to take more time to say whether the U.S.is going to remain in the Paris accord on limiting greenhouse gas emissions.

But first Trump has one more day in Sicily, which will include discussions of global economy and climate, a meeting with small African nations - Trump will be seated between the leaders of Niger and Tunisia - and migration issues. In January, he said that German vehicle manufacturers like BMW could face USA tariffs of up to 35 percent if they set up plants in Mexico instead of in the US and try to export the cars to the U.S.

Trump, however, seems bent on singing from a different song sheet, leaving the G7 bereft of a concerted voice as Russian Federation and China are loudly heard offstage.

  • Leroy Wright