Fans, musicians react to death of music legend Gregg Allman

But by the mid 70s, the cloud over the band grew darker as Gregg became a heroin addict.

Instead, the brothers formed a series of impressive rock bands that performed in the Daytona Beach area as the Escorts and the Allman Joys. He saved money from a paper route to buy his first guitar, and although his older brother, Duane, soon became the more proficient player, Allman found his own voice and concentrated on singing.

Gregg would helm the band in its subsequent incarnations but would often work as a solo act or leader of his eponymously named group. That's what separated the ABB from being a band that only connected with music freaks.

In a post to social media, Warren Haynes shared his thoughts on the death of fellow Allman Brothers Band member Gregg Allman.

The Allman Brothers reunited a few times during the ensuing years.

Veteran concert promoter Conlon first encountered Allman in 1969, during the band's famous impromptu performance at Piedmont Park. When Allman's valet, Scooter Herring, was arrested for drug dealing in 1976, Allman, then married to singer-actress Cher, accepted immunity and testified to a grand jury against the man who acquired drugs for him. The union lasted for two years, producing a son, a disastrous joint tour and a barrage of tabloid headlines.

Billboard said that since Nielsen Music began tracking point-of-sale music purchases in 1991, the Allman Brothers Band has sold 9.3 million albums in the United States.

"This nearly cancelled the whole thing right here - he said, "by the way, you can't bring you're band", and I've got a kick-ass band, " Allman told me. "It was seven years of going, 'What do I do?'" "Eternal love and life to Gregg Allman".

Allman was set to release Southern Blood, his seventh solo album, this year. "And yet, to get up every night and play in The Allman Brothers Band when you're the Allman brother who is still there - and the other Allman brother isn't - is a perpetual reminder of that loss".

Reaction to the death of Southern rock music legend Gregg Allman at age 69: "IVE TRIED.WORDS ARE IMPOSSIBLE GUI GUI FOREVER, CHOOCH" - Allman's ex-wife Cher, via Twitter. After seeing a tape of his actions, he felt so humiliated he vowed to quit drinking and drugging. Audience shouts of "Narc!" plagued him for years afterward. "Listening to Allman Brothers "Live at Fillmore East", a record that never gets old". Produced by T Bone Burnett, it consisted largely of interpretations of blues standards made popular by performers like Junior Wells and Muddy Waters.

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