Egypt hits Libyan terror camps again after attack kills Christians

Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack, the latest directed at Egypt's increasingly embattled Christian minority following two church bombings last month that killed more than 45, also claimed by the group.

Sisi said that recent attacks were aimed at making people believe that Christians are not secure in Egypt, and that the government is not protecting them. "They targeted several gatherings of terrorist elements within Libyan territory after coordinating and fully verifying all information", it said.

Two deadly church bombings in Alexandria and Tanta took more than 45 lives in April, and almost 30 people were killed in the Daesh-claimed attack on a church in the capital Cairo in December.

The East Libyan air force's media office said the strikes targeted forces linked to Al-Qaeda at a number of sites, and would be followed by a ground operation.

The interior ministry said masked gunmen in three pick-up trucks had attacked the bus as it heading for Saint Samuel monastery in Minya province, more than 200 kilometres (120 miles) south of Cairo, before fleeing.

President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi said on Friday the air raids were targeting militant camps responsible for plotting the attack, and that Egypt would not hesitate to carry out additional strikes inside and outside the country.

"Egypt will never hesitate to strike terrorist camps anywhere... inside Egypt, of course, or overseas", Sisi said.

They have increasingly been under attack in Egypt.

The authorities of Egypt stated on Saturday that the attackers who were involved in the massacre of Christians near a monastery were trained in Libya.

The latest attack drew global condemnation. It happened on the eve of the start of Ramadan, a Muslim holy month of fasting that commemorates the first revelation of the Quran to Muhammed according to Islamic faith.

Parts of Libya have turned into terrorist hotbeds, but Egypt will not allow them to feel safe there, the Egyptian foreign minister told RT after Cairo conducted airstrikes on suspected militant training camps in Libya.

Egypt has repeatedly expressed concern over militants crossing from Libya to carry out attacks.

Those attacks were claimed by Islamic State.

Christian comprise about 10 percent of the country's population.

About 70 have been killed in bomb attacks on churches in the cities of Cairo, Alexandria and Tanta since December.

  • Leroy Wright