Crash in Indianapolis 500 rips rear of Scott Dixon's vehicle off

Indianapolis 500 pole sitter Scott Dixon sadly got caught in the path of Jay Howard's out of control auto during today's race, sending Dixon airborne and temporarily halting the race for clean-up.

Dixon was clipped by the slowing vehicle of Jay Howard, which had hit the outside wall and was careening back down the track.

Dixon immediately climbed from his vehicle and after placing his hand on his knees, he walked to an awaiting ambulance. Howard was not hurt.

Following a brush into the wall by Jay Howard, Dixon came around the corner and impacted the left side of Howard's off-the-pace No. 77.

"Just a little bit beaten up there, it was definitely a bit of rough ride".

Dixon was checked and released from the infield care center approximately 20 minutes after the crash.

"We ended up four laps down and were just trying to make something of our day", Howard said. "To say I'm disappointed is an understatement". Meanwhile, a photographer standing behind the catch fencing was treated by track safety workers.

Helio Castroneves was following them and barely escaped the carnage.

"It's tough", Dixon said.

"I think when you make those decisions which way to go you're hoping - I was hoping Jay was going to stay against the wall". Big thanks to everyone for the safety advances we have. But obviously with the impact he started to turn down.

Dixon was among the heavy favorites to win his second Indianapolis 500 this weekend.

  • Julie Sanders