Ariana Grande says she will return to Manchester for benefit concert

Greater Manchester Police Chief Constable Ian Hopkins hailed "significant progress" in the investigation, following disclosures that "key players" allegedly connected to the attack had been arrested.

"They blocked the whole street", he said, adding that he saw the man handcuffed and taken away in a vehicle.

Manchester police has said, according to local media, that one of the men was arrested following a property search in the Withington area of Manchester, while another was detained elsewhere in the city.

Detectives say they have built up a "detailed picture" of his movements since he came back to Britain on 18 May, reportedly from his family's native Libya. But she urged Britons to remain vigilant and said soldiers would remain at high-profile sites throughout the current holiday weekend.

British police on Saturday released surveillance-camera images of the Manchester concert bomber on the night of the attack as they appealed for more information about his final days.

Wearing jeans, trainers and a dark jacket, Salman Abedi cuts an unobtrusive figure in his final moments before slaughtering 22 concert-goers on Monday.

"We called in officers from around the national counter terrorism policing network and they quickly arrived from across the UK".

Between 2009-2016, the number of police officers fell by nearly 20,000, or around 14 percent, the independent Institute for Fiscal Studies think tank said.

One woman arrested by armed police on Wednesday was released a few hours later without charge, leaving 10 men still in custody Thursday, including suspected killer Salman Abedi's father and brother in Libya.

The men continued: "The whole team are working round-the-clock".

Counter-terror authorities are handling 500 investigations into 3,000 individuals now, while it was disclosed on Friday that around 20,000 people are considered former "subjects of interest".

Mr Rowley told the public: "Enjoy yourselves and be reassured by the greater policing presence you will see".

"From the day I started putting the Dangerous Woman Tour together, I said that this show, more than anything else, was meant to be a safe space for my fans".

Police forces across the country have reviewed security at more than 1,300 events and 1,100 armed officers are on hand to protect gatherings.

"This is still a live investigation which is not slowing down".

"Our priorities are to understand the run up to this bad event and to understand if more people were involved in planning this attack".

  • Leroy Wright