Trump orders Justice Department probe of USA leaks in Manchester bombing probe

Greater Manchester Police provided the first full breakdown of arrests made in the huge investigation into whether a "network" supported Salman Abedi's suicide attack at Manchester Arena on Monday night.

Since the attack, armed police backed up by the army have been patrolling cities and trains.

Responding to British officials' concern, Trump said the leaks "pose a grave threat to our national security" and ordered a complete review by the Justice Department and other relevant agencies, report the Washington Post, CNN, Bloomberg News, USA Today and the New York Times.

A member of the studio audience on BBC's Question Time said Theresa May had been warned of the dangers of cutting in frontline police numbers.

The singer also said that she was inspired by how her fans handled themselves after the attack. "The way you have handled all of this has been more inspiring and made me proud than you" ll ever know", she said.

She used her speech there to urge world leaders to do more to combat online extremism.

Some bands - including Blondie, Kiss and Take That - have canceled shows after the blast but representatives for several music acts - including Aerosmith, Celine Dion, Shawn Mendes, Guns N' Roses and Phil Collins - said they will honor their European dates this summer.

Grande did not offer an update on when she meant to resume her Dangerous Woman Tour, which was suspended in wake of the attack.

Libya arrested Abedi's father Ramadan and younger brother Hashem, who was also born in Britain, a relative and security sources said on Wednesday.

Do you believe somebody else put the bomb together, and are you searching for that person?

The 22-year-old's father Ramadan and brother Hashim have been detained in Libya and another brother, Ismail, was arrested in Manchester on Tuesday.

Eight people are now in custody in relation to the attack following raids across Manchester, Wigan, Nuneaton and Warwickshire. Buildings across Manchester and northwest England were raided.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson met United Kingdom foreign secretary Boris Johnson in London today and said the US took "full responsibility" for the leaks.

British police working on the case have resumed intelligence-sharing with US counterparts after a brief halt because of anger over leaks to USA media thought by Britain to be coming from USA officials.

Libya said it was working closely with Britain to identify possible "terrorist networks" involved. "And as I've said, it continues at a pace".

Corbyn, a veteran anti-war campaigner, said foreign policy was not exclusively to blame for terrorism but he would deploy troops overseas only "when there is a clear need", distancing himself from the interventionist approach that has seen Britain join the United States and other allies in military action in Iraq, Syria, Libya and Afghanistan in recent years.

French Interior Minister Gerard Collomb said Abedi had "likely" been to Syria after Libya, citing information provided by British intelligence services to their counterparts in Paris.

Opponents accused Corbyn of politicizing the Manchester attack. "There's extensive investigations going on and activity taking place across Greater Manchester as we speak". When asked whether the revelation of Abedi's name had compromised the investigation, she said that had not been the case. However, with nearly 20,000 fewer police than when the Conservatives came to power in 2010, concern about police cuts is now likely to become a major issue in the campaign. No one was arrested.

"We were able to calm the young people in the neighbourhoods who felt they were Muslims", he said.

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