Trump, May other leaders at G7 sign agreement against Internet terrorism

G7 leaders on Saturday wrapped up their annual summit with an unprecedented display of division over climate change as US President Donald Trump rebuffed pressure to toe the collective line in the club of powerful democracies. Other G-7 nations leaned heavily on Trump to stay in the climate deal, with German Chancellor Angela Merkel saying "we put forward very many arguments". "We will have a very robust discussion on trade".

USA officials said he had enjoyed "robust" conversations with his allies in Sicily and had also learnt a lot - especially in the debate on climate change, which he has previously dismissed as a hoax."He came here to learn".

President Donald Trump says he'll make a final decision on whether the US will stay in the Paris climate agreement next week.

Backing out of the climate accord had been a central plank of Trump's campaign and aides have been exploring whether they can adjust the framework of the deal even if they don't opt out entirely.

'Trump's attempts to derail global climate action won't make America great, it will only make America late'. "His views are evolving which exactly as they should be", Trump's economic adviser Gary Cohn said on Friday. He came here to get smarter. Multiple White House meetings on the matter were delayed in recent weeks, and Trump advisers ultimately said he would not make a decision until after he returns to Washington this weekend.

And on trade, Trump was caught having stoked a contentious fire, as the German news magazine Der Spiegel reported the president had told leaders of the European Union before the summit began that the Germans were "bad" for having a large trade surplus with the United States.

He has rolled back a number of Obama-era climate change measures, which will hamper US efforts to fulfill its Paris pledges.

But with Trump promising to build a "beautiful" wall on the US-Mexico border, it also said: "we reaffirm the sovereign rights of states, individually and collectively, to control their own borders".

The leaders of Saudi Arabia and Israel seemed in competition to outdo the other with the warmth of their welcomes.

Lee said that the United States had apparently won some battles at the summit, particularly regarding refugees. In particular, Italy called for more legal paths of immigration, to staunch the flow of people risking their lives on boats from Libya.

The Washington Post reported that Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, made a pre-inauguration proposal to the Russian ambassador to set up a secret, bug-proof communications line with the Kremlin.

"Sanctions can be rolled back when Russian Federation meets its commitments". Trump also was impressed by their arguments about how crucial USA leadership is in supporting worldwide efforts. The G7 statement said that North Korea poses an increasing threat of a "grave nature" to worldwide peace and security.

On Friday, the G7 leaders issued a separate statement about their joint commitment to fight terrorism and violent extremism, which opened by expressing condolences over Monday's suicide bombing in Manchester, England.

The GOP senators sent a two-page letter to the White House saying that remaining in the worldwide agreement signed by Trump's predecessor pledging to reduce carbon emissions could fuel legal challenges to the administration's push to roll back environmental regulations. They kept the ban on protectionism from previous G-7 statements, but included a statement Saturday that they will "stand firm against all unfair trade practices". His Treasury secretary, Steven Mnuchin, says the United States reserves the right to be protectionist if trade arrangements are unfair to USA companies and workers.

The Trump administration has argued that trade must be balanced and fair as well as free.

The G7 is an informal gathering that meets every year under a rotating chairmanship. It also rattled some diplomatic experts over the president's decision to not explicitly express the US commitment to NATO's Article 5 collective defense treaty.

There was, however, a long way to go before the leaders could arrive at a happy consensus on other issues.

According to German media reports, Trump also condemned Germany for "very bad" trade policies in a meeting with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, signalling he might take steps to limit sales of German cars in the United States.

  • Salvatore Jensen