Things About the Sean Hannity Seth Rich 'Conspiracy Theory' Boycott on Wednesday pulled its advertising from Sean Hannity's Fox News program in light of his pushing a conspiracy theory surrounding the death of a DNC staffer. Crowne Plaza Hotels, outdoor home security company Ring and online mattress retailer Casper also said they have cut ties with Hannity.

The Fox News Channel retracted a story Tuesday that said Seth Rich, a Democratic National Committee staffer, may have leaked sensitive emails before he was murdered previous year.

As reported by BuzzFeed News, the Washington Post, and other outlets, Hannity has been spreading a theory that the Clintons ordered Rich's killing to seek revenge for reportedly leaking Democratic National Committee emails to Wikileaks. In fact, Rich was killed during a botched robbery.

Later Tuesday, the conspiracy's most prominent proponent, Fox News' Sean Hannity, announced on his show that he would stop discussing the case "for now". "We don't have the ability to influence content at the time we make our advertising purchase", they continued. Fleeing advertisers played a role in last month's drama over Fox's Bill O'Reilly, who was sacked by the network following reports of settlements paid to women to keep quiet about allegations of harassment.

Hannity, the sole survivor from Fox's once stable and powerful prime-time lineup, has been a strong backer of President Donald Trump and believes the president is under attack from media and opponents who want to destroy him. announced their decision to pull their ads in response to an inquiry from BuzzFeed News. The Fox News host suggested they were trying to "get me fired". Fox News parted ways with Bill O'Reilly after numerous advertisers requested their commercials not air during O'Reilly's show, "The O'Reilly Factor".

The left-leaning media watchdog Media Matters published a list of Hannity's sponsors on Tuesday - a move many interpreted as a call to boycott his show. Despite this retraction, Hannity refused to retract or apologize for anything.

But the network claimed in a statement that nothing should be read into its decision. For the first time since 2008, Fox News finished behind CNN and MSNBC in the 25-to-54 age group last week.

But Hannity hasn't yet hemorrhaged as many advertisers as O'Reilly did.

USAA, which provides insurance and financial services to military families, tweeted that "advertising on opinion shows is not in accordance with our policy and we've since corrected it".

Tonight, Hannity further illustrated the pitfalls of his volatility by starting to actively encourage his fans to pressure his own advertisers.

  • Salvatore Jensen