Storms, possible tornado in the forecast for the weekend

The National Weather Service confirmed seven tornadoes touched down in Georgia during Wednesday's storms, including five in North Georgia. This tornado had maximum winds of seventy-five miles per hour (75mph), leaving a track about ninety (90) yards wide and.03 mile long.

The NWS confirmed three tornadoes Thursday.

An EF-0 tornado in Laurens downed up to 40 trees and caused minor damage to a mobile home and small metal carport. David Nadler, warning coordination meteorologist with the NWS's Peachtree City office, said the evidence he saw on the ground was consistent with a high end EF0 or a low EF1.

The NWS released the following survey summary on Friday. Several trees were uprooted and branches snapped before the tornado dissipated.

Maximum wind speeds were estimated to be around 90 miles per hour, and an RV camper was moved about 20 yards from its original location, according to the statement. A camper was also rolled about 20 yards away from its original location near Lynn Drive.

Two other tornadoes touched down in Gordon County, not far from Resaca, Ga.

Tornadoes were reported in surrounding counties as a result of this same storm system.

  • Zachary Reyes