Outside investigation launched in arrest of Miss Black Texas

Police Chief Kerry Crews of Commerce, Texas, is now under investigation for allegedly unlawfully arresting 23-year-old Carson Ponder, Miss Black Texas U.S. Ambassador 2016, and calling her a "black b***h".

According to an NBC affiliate in Texas, Carmen Ponder is calling for police accountability and wants charges filed against Commerce Police Chief Kerry Crews.

Ponder says she was on her way to a local Walmart when a black truck cut in front of her and began driving erratically.

"He screamed that he was teaching his 14-year-old how to drive and I shouldn't have drove around her", she said on Twitter.

After making a purchase at Walmart, Ponder said she left the store only to be charged by several other officers in plain clothes.

Ponder was arrested and detained for 24 hours.

Crews decline to comment, telling NBC that his attorneys advised him not to speak.

Commerce Police Chief, Kerry Crews allegedly called Ponder a "black b--h". In a statement, Ferrell said police "responded to a call about a dispute between two motorists entering the Walmart parking lot".

A Texas nurse who's been serving a 99-year prison sentence for the fatal overdose of an infant in her care has been indicted in the death of another infant as prosecutors try to keep her behind bars.

Jasmine Crockett is representing Ponder for the misdemeanor charge and voiced concern about available visual evidence to corroborate either account definitively. She was then taken to the Hunt County Jail.

At a special meeting of the Commerce City Council on Thursday that was attended by multiple Dallas-area news crews, It was announced that Lynn, Ross and Gannaway, an independent law firm based in Fort Worth, would conduct the investigation.

Commerce Police have not released the police report or arrest affidavit for Ponder, citing the on-going investigation. A third party is investigating the incident, the city said. As such, the City is engaging an outside entity to conduct an investigation into the incident to objectively review and determine the facts.

It's just a reminder that our skin color.is seen as something hostile, risky and illegal. She is a Dean's List student, a paralegal intern at a district attorney's office, and a former Miss Black Texas U.S. Ambassador.

But the city manager describes a different version of what happened. She writes in her youcaring.com post that she refuses to take a plea deal and is "more than willing" to go to trial.

"She feels humiliated and embarrassed because she's Miss Black Texas 2016".

  • Zachary Reyes