Man tried to bite flight attendant, jumped from plane

A man in Charlotte, N.C. tried biting a flight attendant's hand in order to open the plane's door and jump out, WBTV reported Friday.

Luckily, the plane had not taken off.

A United Airlines jet hit an American Airlines plane while one was pulling in and the other was backing out, airport officials said.

Federal authorities say an airline passenger tried to bite a flight attendant, then jumped out of the aircraft and onto the tarmac at a North Carolina airport.

American Airlines flight 5242, operated by PSA Airlines, was headed from Charlotte to New Bern when the incident happened. But he was held in custody after the court was unable to find an interpreter who spoke Karen, a language spoken in Burma, according to court records.

A Federal Air Marshal accused passenger Tun Lon Sein of getting out of his seat and attempting to open the main door of an American Airlines aircraft at Charlotte Douglas International Airport in North Carolina Thursday, according to a complaint.

He was stopped from running onto the active taxiway by airport workers, then taken to a local hospital for treatment.

When a flight attendant asked Sein to return to his seat, he attempted to bite her - in order to reach the galley service door, which he used to exit the plane. The flight arrived in New Bern about an hour and a half late.

Sein was charged with interference with flight crew members and attendants on a commercial aircraft, according to a criminal complaint.

  • Zachary Reyes