Emmanuel Macron snubs Theresa May on post-Brexit trade deal talks

A similar photo-op during a meeting between Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the White House spurred some embarrassing global headlines when the US President seemingly ignore repeated media prompts to shake the German leader's hand.

Thursday brought a new twist in Trump's handshake hall of fame: the President met his match.

While the US President is directly opposite Mr Macron, the Frenchman seems to deliver him a very public snub, performing a sudden about turn in the direction of the German Chancellor. Trump reached in first, but then he tried to release, twice, but Macron kept his grip until letting go. As you see, Macron avoided getting his shoulder yanked out of his socket and managed to keep Trump's hand over on his side of the imaginary tug-of-war line.

During the French presidential election campaign, Putin granted an audience in Moscow to Macron's far-right opponent, Marine Le Pen, while Macron's campaign manager accused Russian Federation of deploying "fake news" to discredit him.

At their first meeting, ahead of a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit in Brussels on Thursday (Friday NZ Time), the two men locked hands for so long that knuckles started turning white.

During the awkward footage, President Trump appears to drag the Frenchman close, while Mr Macron pulls back.

"They shook hands for an extended period of time".

Trump has spent much of his young presidency's photo-ops seemingly attempting to literally pull concessions out of his foreign counterparts, stretching elbows and triggering some grimaces along the way.

A spokesperson for May said she and Trump reaffirmed their commitment to a post-Brexit trade deal and agreed that the G7 should do more to tackle terrorism, a view shared by other leaders at the summit in Italy.

IT SEEMS US President Donald Trump is siding with the victor of the French election, at least now that he has won.

By now, world leaders appear to be well aware of Trump's handshake strategy.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seemed to do just fine in his matchup with Trump.

  • Leroy Wright