Donald Trump and President Macron had the most awkwardly long handshake

On Thursday in Brussels - ahead of a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit - Trump and newly-elected French president Emmanuel Macron sat down for a talk and a handshake.

While in the United States, president Donald Trump notoriously shake people's hands to the point where he's nearly twisting their arms out of the sockets, often leading to comically awkward scenes during photo-ops with heads of states or politicians. "You were my guy" he told Macron today, French officials say.

However, days before Macron's victory this month, Trump was seen praising Le Pen as the "strongest on borders, and she's the strongest on what's been going on in France", the Guardian reported.

"They shook hands furiously - with Trump trying to pull his hand away and Macron holding onto it. Trump's knuckles turned whiter".

'When they were walking out, they seemed to have real, great chemistry, when he was sending him off.

The record shows only favorable words from Trump for centrist Emmanuel Macron's opponent, the defeated far-right candidate Marine Le Pen. However, he said he was not explicitly endorsing Le Pen.Le Pen said she was best placed to defend France's interests in what she called the "new world" of Trump and Russia's Vladimir Putin.

Final tally: Trump 3, World 3.

"My wish in any case is that there should be no hasty decision on this subject by the United States because it is our collective responsibility to retain the global nature of this pledge, which was a first", Macron told reporters.

Watch the original video of the handshake that generated tweets and memes all over social media. Rather than shake hands, Trump just stared off into space like a lost schoolboy.

Neither poll offered an estimate of how many seats parties could win in the second round of voting on 18 June.

Trump, whose own election previous year shocked the pollsters, said Macron "ran an incredible campaign and had a tremendous victory".

As he welcomed Macron to the U.S. embassy in Brussels, he added: "We have a lot to discuss, including terrorism and other things".

  • Julie Sanders