Comey 'ready' to talk to special counsel in Russian Federation probe

Officials said such memos could be made available to both the special counsel now overseeing the Russian Federation investigation and congressional investigators, who might explore whether Trump sought to impede the FBI's work.

The Comey firing and what Trump has said since recall the Saturday Night Massacre, when Nixon dismissed Watergate special prosecutor Archibald Cox over Cox's subpoenas for White House tapes - the evidence that would eventually prove the cover-up. She would be the FBI's first female director, if chosen by Trump and subsequently confirmed by the Senate.

The Post reported Monday that Trump made the request of Coats after then-FBI Director James Comey disclosed March 20 that the bureau was investigating potential coordination between the Trump campaign and Russian officials.

He said he may also share information with Congressional oversight committees if called to testify, and said that the Trump administration has not asked the Office of the Director of National Intelligence to withhold information from Congress.

The top Democrat on the House intelligence committee says if it's true that the president asked top intelligence officials to publicly deny that there had been any "collusion" between the Russians and the Trump campaign, it would suggest obstruction or politicization of the intelligence community. "On the other hand, if I'm called before an investigative committee, I certainly will provide them with what I know and what I don't know".

Unless the administration seeks to claim that any existing documents can not be disclosed because they represent "privileged" communications involving the president, the committee said the "expectation is for the request to be met".

"We're not going to let Congress do its job, '" he said.

President Trump asked two top US intelligence officials in March to help him push back against an FBI investigation into possible coordination between the Russian government and his campaign team, a former senior intelligence official confirmed to NBC News.

Asked about the Post report when he appeared Tuesday before the Senate Armed Services Committee, Coats declined to comment, saying it would not be appropriate.

Members of the Senate Intelligence Committee must now meet to vote and decide whether to hold Flynn in contempt or accept his attempt to invoke his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., Coats said he had no written documentation regarding conversations he has had with either Trump or Rogers.

The firm's lawyers also represent former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, who is reportedly part of the investigation, and who did work for a pro-Kremlin Ukrainian political party. Trump was so clueless as to the possible illegality of his actions that he seems to have had no qualms about dragging in multiple players and making multiple appeals to Comey to end the investigation.

"(W) e can confirm that the department ethics experts have reviewed the matters and determined that Mr. Mueller's participation in the matters assigned to him is appropriate", the Justice Department said in a statement on Tuesday.

"Sources close to the investigation" are a key ingredient in the secret sauce as news networks throw their best resources into the Trump-Russia story.

  • Leroy Wright