British police arrest another man after Manchester attack

Police are searching a number of properties and have 11 suspects in custody in connection with Monday's explosion at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, which killed 22 people and injured dozens.

Over the past three days several key details of the investigation, including the name of the bomber, first came out in United States media, angering British police who feared such leaks risked compromising their investigation.

British premier Theresa May has said she would tell US President Donald Trump that intelligence shared between the two nations had to remain secure after leaks to US media about the Manchester attack. "We won't let hate win".

The decision to stop sharing police information was an extraordinary step for Britain, which is usually at pains to emphasise its "special relationship" with the United States.

Greater Manchester Police Chief Constable Ian Hopkins said that the photos had caused great "distress and upset" to the families of victims. Several people have stepped forward - from neighbors to mosque leaders and community workers - to complain about the lack of action by authorities after they reported their worries about him to counter-terror officials.

Trump strongly condemned on Thursday the "troubling" leaks and promised that an investigation will be launched.

"These leaks have been going on for a long time and my administration will get to the bottom of this", Trump's statement said.

However, with the issue of the leaking of intelligence already an issue for the U.S., following the allegations surrounding the sharing of sensitive information, some within Whitehall might "want to start thinking about a risk analysis of future intelligence cooperation", he added.

"The images and information presented were neither graphic nor disrespectful of victims, and consistent with the common line of reporting on weapons used in horrific crimes", the paper said. Crowds gathered at well-known sites including London's Parliament and Trafalgar Squares and Manchester's Albert Square.

"The public should remain vigilant", May said.

A moment of silence was held in Manchester Thursday morning for the victims.

The killer's sister, Jomana Abedi, told the Wall Street Journal her brother may have been reacting to US-led strikes in the Middle East.

Salman died in the Manchester Arena attack and Ismail has been detained by British police over his alleged involvement in the bombing.

She credited her dad's quick action in picking her up and tying off her wounds to stem the bleeding.

She added that she would announce the details of the concert as soon as the plans were confirmed.

In addition to those killed, 116 people received medical treatment at Manchester hospitals for wounds from the blast. The National Health Service said 75 people had been hospitalized.

The father of the Manchester bomber once posted a chilling message on his Facebook page in praise of a notorious terrorist and accused mass murderer.

They "feel like they are being disbanded from two societies, Libyan society and British society", he said.

Investigations into Abedi's path to violent extremism were continuing apace.

Before carrying out the deadly attack at Manchester Arena, Abedi had joined Manchester's huge student population.

French Interior Minister Gerard Collomb said Abedi had "likely" been to Syria after Libya, citing information provided by British intelligence services to their counterparts in Paris.

Salman's family is also in the frame for investigators.

Islamic State on Wednesday claimed responsibility behind the attack. He was picked up while allegedly receiving a money transfer from Salman Abedi.

"These are just the reported figures, other people are very scared to talk", he said. In the caption, Mr Abedi said his son was "practising".

Ramadan Abedi fled Tripoli in 1993 after Muammar Gaddafi's security authorities issued an arrest warrant.

"There was a sermon about anti-Daesh (IS) and he stood up and started calling the Imam - 'You are talking bollocks, '" Ramadan said.

There were also reports Abedi's parents were so anxious about him being radicalised in Manchester that they got him to join them in Libya and confiscated his passport. He is believed to have travelled to Libya and Syria in the weeks leading up to the attack.

The 23-year-old, who suspended her tour and returned to her Florida home to rest, said she planned a concert as "an expression of love for Manchester".

Sources reportedly told TMZ that Grande was "inconsolable" and "in hysterics" when she learned of the casualties following the attack and was in "no condition to perform".

  • Zachary Reyes