Advertisers flee Hannity over debunked Seth Rich conspiracy

But Hannity is not backing down, he's doubling down.

The Drive reached out to Hyundai, who provided us with the following statement: "We are aware of the sensitive storyline raised by Mr. Hannity and expect Fox News will use editorial discretion to ensure that all reporting is substantiated".

But on his TV show later Tuesday, Hannity said he had spoken with Rich's brother and made the decision to not discuss the issue further for now out of respect for the family's wishes.

Now, Hannity has gone on an abrupt vacation, a short absence which Fox promises will not be permanent. Wheeler later told CNN he had no such evidence and that he had only heard of some information attributed to him in a story from a Fox News reporter with whom he spoke.

He said "liberal fascists" were trying to urge his advertisers to leave the show - the website Media Matters published a list of his advertisers.

Last month, advertisers fled former Fox News host Bill O'Reilly's show en mass amid allegations that he had sexually harassed several women.

Media Matters is "targeting my advertisers to silence my voice", Hannity tweeted. "Rush (Limbaugh), O'Reilly, (Glenn) Beck, (Don) Imus and now me". The organization's president Angelo Carusone said he hadn't spoken to any sponsors.

Saying there's no boycott campaign may be a distinction without a difference, however. Despite this retraction, Hannity refused to retract or apologize for anything.

As advertisers pulled out on Wednesday, Fox News' Kimberly Guilfoyle announced during "The Five" that Hannity would be on vacation on Thursday and Friday and that she would be filling in for him.

"We don't have the ability to influence content at the time we make out advertising purchase". was the first to announce it would suspend ads on Hannity's show. A company representative did not immediately return a call seeking comment.

"He has demonstrated that he's totally volatile and out of control", he said.

The left-wing nonprofit published a list of Hannity's advertisers on Wednesday, kickstarting a public campaign to pressure the advertisers into dropping his show. "It is disappointing because it drags the rest of us down", one senior Fox News employee said earlier this week.

"We're right, they're wrong", he said. Hannity did not apologize for or retract his previous commentary. In 2016, the show brought in approximately $65.7 million, according to Kantar Media, a tracker of ad spending. has pulled its advertising from Sean Hannity's Fox News Channel primetime show as he continues to push a conspiracy theory surrounding the death of a DNC staffer, though not on FNC for now.

  • Salvatore Jensen