Accused South Carolina serial killer to plead guilty, attorney says

Todd Kohlhepp wore an orange jumpsuit and chains in a SC court on Friday, where he pleaded guilty in exchange for serving seven consecutive life sentences with no chance of parole.

In a new detail, Brown after she was rescued told deputies that Kohlhepp told her about killing four people at Superbike Motorsports in Chesnee. "She's the one that endured the two months of hell and stayed vigilant and alive, and it's because of that we even get to talk about any of this", said Ponder.

It is unclear if Kohlhepp will eventually be charged with more killings, after the woman found chained, Kala Brown, told Dr. Phil earlier this year that he had told her that he had killed almost 100 people.

Meagan, the indictment reveals, was allegedly held in Kohlhepp's storage container for about six days after she disappeared, chained at both the wrists and ankles. Kohlhepp shot to death Scott Ponder, Beverly Guy, Brian Lucas and Chris Sherbert. Authorities say Kohlhepp also killed a couple he hired to do work on his property in 2015 and four workers at a motorcycle shop in 2003.

Family members of the victims sobbed repeatedly as they spoke in front of the judge about their loved ones' lives cut short - each of them standing mere feet from a shackled Kohlhepp. She said he kept her chained in the dark container for two months.

"'As (the victim) said in one of her first meetings with the solicitor - he's the killer, not me", attorney Alex Stalvey said.

Scott Jr. told the court: "I have lived 13 years without a father".

When they arrived on August 31, Kohlhepp asked the couple to help him clear some underbrush, and he went into a garage, ostensibly to retrieve something, Brown said.

Moments before the hearing began, peppermint hard sweets and tissues were passed out to the families of Kohlhepp's victims.

Lawyers for Kohlhepp and the Spartanburg County prosecutor were not immediately available for comment. He also embraced the families before the hearing.

As part of his plea agreement, which allowed him to avoid facing the death penalty, he also received a 30-year sentence for criminal sexual conduct and a 30 years for kidnapping.

Court records show he had previously served a 15-year sentence in Arizona for kidnapping and raping his neighbour when he was a teenager.

Kohlhepp, 44, is a registered sex offender who had built a successful real estate business in Woodruff, South Carolina, 80 miles northwest of the state capital of Columbia.

  • Larry Hoffman