A touching act of the Prime Minister of Canada won the Network

The person who took his office is a 5-year-old girl Bella from Thompson (Manitoba) who donned PM's hat for a day as she won the CBC Kids Canada Day Special's contest, in which a kid gets a chance to become the PM of a Canada for a day.

The RCMP National Security Enforcement Section learned in March about the alleged threat that was made on social media. The file "was linked to Saskatchewan", at which point an ongoing investigation began.

On Wednesday afternoon, Derek Hurrell from Borden was arrested following a traffic stop near the central Saskatchewan community.

A 34-year-old Saskatchewan man caught the attention of police in the Maritimes after he allegedly wrote threats against the prime minister on social media.

Police also searched a home in Borden and seized several electronic devices.

While there was no direct contact between Hurrell and Trudeau, "we can not speculate whether or not someone may or may not act on alleged threats made", RCMP said in a statement. He is the son of late Pierre Trudeau, who was the Prime Minister of Canada for over 15 years.

He was fined $500 and placed on probation for nine months, which includes not being within 100 metres of Trudeau at any public event.

Hurrell appeared in Saskatoon provincial court on Thursday.

Hurrell did not make direct contact with Trudeau, the release says.

"Trade between our countries supports job creation on both sides of the border and the growth of the middle class, and in 2016 was valued at almost $882 billion", a statement by the Prime Minister's Office said.

  • Leroy Wright