Wisconsin senator reacts to healthcare CBO report

The Democrat has also been one of a few Senate moderates working across party lines to improve the current health care system, rather than repeal and replace the ACA, also known as Obamacare.

Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah talk to a reporter as he steps onto the Capitol Subway on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, May 24, 2017.

Republicans in the Senate are exhausted of the bill passed by the House, and are seeking to craft their own bill that can pass the chamber where they hold a slim 52-seat majority.

He finished by saying that, "In the end, we've got to make sure there's enough funding out there to handle pre-existing conditions and drive down premiums". "But it's going to be hard".

It would particularly devastating to the poor and elderly, and less healthy Americans would ultimately be unable to buy insurance at premiums comparable to the Affordable Care Act - if they could purchase coverage at all.

That was a knock on 11th-hour changes Republicans made in the bill to gain conservatives' votes by letting states get waivers to boost premiums on the ill and reduce coverage requirements.

The report said older people with lower income would disproportionately lose coverage.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, 14 million more Americans would be uninsured under the AHCA than under existing law, as of 2018, and that figure would increase to 23 million additional uninsured people by 2026.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was frank on Wednesday about just how hard it will be to pass a health care bill in the Senate.

Tom Price, secretary of Health and Human Services, was quick to criticize the CBO report as inaccurate, as was the White House.

"The CBO was famously wrong when they said that Obamacare would cost $800 billion when, in reality, it turned out to cost $2 trillion", Hollingsworth said in an emailed statement.

Congress' top two Republicans chose to ignore the report's troublesome findings in their public comments Thursday. The total premium would be less only because "the insurance, on average, would pay for a smaller proportion of health care costs".

Portman represents one of the 52 GOP Senators who will have to modify and vote to pass the American Health Care Act - a tall order given the bill's contentious nature. If the current version of the AHCA is passed in the Senate and signed by President Donald Trump, it will cut $834 billion from Medicaid over the next ten years. "Under the legislation, a few million of those people would use tax credits to purchase policies that would not cover major medical risks".

"[The report] also verifies that a significant proportion of Americans - one-sixth of the US population - face the loss of meaningful coverage because they live in states expected to obtain waivers on coverage for essential health benefits and community ratings requirements", Meigs stated.

Approximately 23 million people would lose their insurance.

As a result, the CBO said, people living in states that eliminated maternity coverage as a required benefit, along with other services, "would experience substantial increases in out-of-pocket spending on health care or would choose to forego the services".

Though the legislation could result in "relatively low" premiums for healthier-than-average individuals, the CBO projected that it would ultimately lead to unstable individual markets by 2020 in states where one-sixth of the USA population lives.

The budget office said average premiums in those states would go down because younger and healthier people would buy coverage and the policies would cover less.

"I think it should give every member of the Senate Republicans real pause", said Murray, the ranking Democrat on the committee that handles most health care issues. Citing markets where insurers have left or sought huge premium increases, Republicans have repeatedly said the statute must be dismantled because it is in a death spiral.

Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer said Republicans wouldn't get very far.

  • Larry Hoffman