Trump won't move US Embassy to Jerusalem for now, senior official says

Since Israel's founding, the US has maintained that "no state has sovereignty over the city of Jerusalem" and that it's a "final status" issue that must be resolved through Israeli-Palestinian negotiation, the official said.

Haley's comments in an interview that aired Wednesday attracted particular attention because they came in the wake of a diplomatic dust-up between American and Israeli officials over planning for President Donald Trump's trip next week to Israel, the Palestinian territories and Jerusalem.

Even if Trump's on-the-ground engagement may be premature, some experts say he can be expected to press Israeli and Palestinian leaders for conciliatory words if not gestures - and the two sides may struggle to accommodate him. Trump will be the first sitting US president to visit the site, although Barack Obama and George W. Bush did so either as candidates or private citizens.

Israeli media reported, citing an unnamed senior government official, that the prime minister got very angry at the meeting when he learned that so few government ministers had chose to come. "If anyone is burying the chances for its relocation, it's Bennett". "We're a bit exhausted, but we wanted to come straight to the holiest place in the entire Jewish world, the Kotel Hama'aravi, the Western Wall, straight from the airport", said Friedman, whose bar mitzvah took place at the Western Wall.

Sources close to Bennett said in response that he "was elected to protect the interests of Israel, not those of the White House".

Senior Trump administration officials told the Free Beacon that the use of these maps was unintentional and that the error has been corrected. Moving the embassy had been a campaign promise of Trump's stretching back to the Republican primary.

According to Charisma News, it cited the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995, which acknowledged Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and called on the government to transfer the U.S. Embassy there by May 31, 1999.

If Trump does go to the wall, he will be the first incumbent USA president to do so.

Just four months after taking office, Donald Trump will make the earliest foray into Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking by any US president next week.

Israel occupied east Jerusalem in 1967 and later annexed it in a move never recognised by the worldwide community.

'The Palestinians and Israelis must work together to reach an agreement that allows both peoples to live, worship and thrive and prosper in peace, ' Trump said after meeting Abbas.

Trump promised during his election campaign to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, whose status is one of the thorniest issues in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. A majority of ministers in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Cabinet oppose a two-state solution.

  • Leroy Wright