Trump sides with French winner, at least now

Lunch with a USA president who seemed to oppose your election would try the diplomatic skills of any seasoned statesman.

Donald Trump came off worst in a white knuckle handshake with Emmanuel Macron before the first meeting between the two presidents. At their lunch in Brussels on Thursday, Macron changed the subject.

When NATO leaders greeted President Macron at the new alliance headquarters later, President Macron pointedly headed straight for German Chancellor Angela Merkel, embracing her and shaking the hand of NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg before another muscular handshake with President Trump.

"There are issues we have a different approach on, and choices have been made", he said.

After six gruelling seconds, Trump looked eager to pull out but Macron, three decades Trump's junior, was having none of that.

However, Macron claimed that the lunch meeting with Trump was "a very good, frank and warm discussion".

U.S. President Donald Trump met with newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron in France on May 25, and the two shared a handshake that quickly went viral. "Congratulations. Great job", Trump said, according to the report.

"You were my guy", Trump allegedly said.

As he welcomed Macron to the USA embassy in Brussels, he added: "We have a lot to discuss, including terrorism and other things".

But they all agreed on one thing: Macron won the battle.

President Macron said he respected President Trump's decision to put the Paris agreements under review.

Macron was also expected to press home the European Union position that Washington should respect multilateral procedures in trade negotiations instead of dealing individually with different European Union states.

The White House pool report from the meeting also offered an atypical description of the leaders' interaction.

The two were never destined to be bosom buddies. On the contrary, former President Barack Obama had endorsed Macron. It looks like Macron is walking toward the American president, who is standing on the left side of the group.

Emmanuel Macron later winked at Angela Merkel.

Donald Trump got a second chance to try his favorite alpha male move on Emmanuel Macron ahead of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit.

  • Zachary Reyes