Trump praises Macron's 'great job' to win French election

Ahead of the meeting, diplomats told Reuters that Macron would seek to convince Trump to stick to the global deal. Both men's jaws seemed to clench.

But it was the French president who appeared to keep the handshake going as Mr Trump attempted to pull away.

First, while walking with North Atlantic Treaty Organisation counterparts during his visit to the alliance's new headquarters, Trump appeared to push aside Dusko Markovic, the Prime Minister of Montenegro.

While Le Pen had echoed some of Trump's hardline rhetoric on immigration, the US leader's words of support were surprising.

Donald Trump's attendance at a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation mini-summit Thursday gave the oldest elected USA president an opportunity to meet France's youngest leader, Emmanuel Macron, at the US ambassador's residence.

Maybe Macron's "resentment" was due to the fact that Trump had expressed his support for the Frenchman's rival Marine Le Pen - deeming her the "strongest" candidate for the presidency - as she too clearly looks up to him regarding Trump's election campaign inspired her political efforts in France.

- Philip Crowther (@PhilipinDC) May 25, 2017Macron plays the Trump handshake game well.

The pro-globalization Macron's politics are the inverse of the nativist platform Trump campaigned on, and the early signs are that the French president won't balk from broaching a hard topic: A senior French diplomat told Reuters that Macron's goal was to persuade enviro-skeptic Trump to back the Paris climate agreement.

But as a 39-year-old who has never held elected office, Macron clearly was excited about the appearance with the United States president, which cemented his status as a new global player - and as a formidable hand-shaker.

Macron succumbs for a second, before regaining his momentum, and appears to sharply pat Trump's arm to cease the aggressiveness.

As Macron approached Trump, he made a swift route-change and instead greeted German Chancellor Angela Merkel, which Trump took umbrage with.

President Emmanuel Macron will ask France's Parliament to extend a state of emergency, in place since the 2015 attacks by the self-styled Islamic State terrorist group, following this Monday's suicide bombing in Manchester.

Rucker also observed that Macron's handshake was an indication to Trump that he was "not the only alpha in the room". Mr Trump spoke about Mr Macron's "incredible campaign" and "tremendous victory".

Still, Trump always is impressed with a win.

"They shook hands for an extended period of time".

  • Leroy Wright