Trump making good on nuclear deal 'so far': top Iranian diplomat

Rouhani further underlined the need for an increase in interaction between Iran, Turkey and Russian Federation on regional developments, including the reinforcement of the Astana talks between Syria's warring sides, with the aim of contributing to peace and security in the region.

Telling allies that Iran is the source of problems "would mean that we have to start coming in and using our military power to settle scores".

"We hope that Europe will not fall into the trap of countries that promote their erroneous interpretations in the region", added Rouhani.

After a landslide re-election on May 19, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani essentially extended an invitation to governments around the world, traders and investors, declaring that in shunning his hardline opponents the Iranian people had chosen "the path of interaction with the world, away from violence and extremism".

Further hurdles are likely to be thrown up by US President Donald Trump, who is no fan of the nuclear pact and has just signed $380 million of deals, including major arms supply contracts, with Iran's regional arch-enemy Saudi Arabia while on his first official overseas visit as president to Riyadh. According to the Interior Ministry, about 70 of the electorate participated in the elections.

"The Americans do not know our region, that's what the catch is", Rouhani said in response to a question from The Associated Press.

"I fear that we will be looking at war with Iran before too long as it is clear that Trump and his advisers are already completely in the Israeli and Saudi pockets on the issue", Giraldi, a former CIA Case Officer and US Army Intelligence Officer said Monday.

Iranian president also highlighted bilateral and trilateral cooperation along with Russian Federation in regional issues including Astana talks and deemed them a step toward peace and stability in region.

The Iranian leader, who was recently re-elected to serve a second term, also slammed a multibillion-dollar arms deal signed between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia during the visit, arguing that this would not solve the problem either.

THE FACTS: What would have happened absent the deal is impossible to say, but such an imminent collapse of Iran's economy was highly improbable.

Trump also attended a summit with leaders of the 6-nation Gulf Cooperation Council on Sunday.

"The Islamic Republic is ready to cooperate in every way with other countries, including France, to fight terrorism and solve the Syrian crisis", stated Rouhani during a talk with French President Macron, quoted by Iranian news agency IRNA.

Rouhani was responding to Trump's controversial statements he made during a visit to Israel on May 22.

"The United States and Israel can declare with one voice that Iran must never be allowed to possess a nuclear weapon, and must cease its deadly funding, training and equipping of terrorists and militias", he added.

Worldwide sanctions on Iran in response to its nuclear program had indeed driven its economy into crisis earlier this decade.

  • Zachary Reyes