'Titanfall 2' - Monarch's Reign Gameplay Trailer

Respawn Entertainment today confirmed when the next free DLC pack for Titanfall 2 is going to be released.

If Monarch looks familiar, then it's because it resembles the Vanguard-class Titan from the campaign.

Monarch has been described as a "Midrange vanguard-class" Titan who upgrades over time and has the ability to drain other Titans to maintain your or allies shields.

The glorious trailer above is for the new Monarch's Reign update, which brings loads of new content and a brand new Titan (our first new Titan, in fact!) to the game. Pilots have to select a patch of upgrades and try to survive long enough for the titan to assume its final form. This remastered map features a worksite where Pilots have created clever wall running routes by hanging pieces of the wreckage between buildings.

New Titanfall map Relic
New Titanfall map Relic

Two new Prime Titans will be available for purchase on May 30, Ronin Prime and Tone Prime. Furthermore, you can pick up new Art Packs for each Titan and a fresh Callsign Pack.

Created with frontlines in mind, the gameplay is all about assaulting and controlling the center and engaging in firefights from the great viewpoints of the ship against the varied defensible positions in the Town.

"We worked on a collision pass for Crashsite, fixing around 100 instances of getting bumped, bonked, stuck or tripped up", Garza explained.

Titanfall 2's latest addition of free DLC will drop on May 30, and Respawn has given us a taste of what's to come with the trailer above. It has also added 8 ziplines so that players can get around the map faster, more wallrunning locations have been added as well.

  • Carolyn Briggs