#TBT - Watch When Mark Zuckerberg Found Out He Was Accepted Into Harvard

Zuckerberg, 33, is the youngest person to deliver a Harvard commencement speech, according to Facebook - a fact that he wanted to highlight to the crowd.

Zuckerberg said that on his tour around the states, he met opioid addicts and others who had fallen on hard times with factory closings, who said they might not have suffered if they had something to do.

We're sure that's what the class of 2017 graduates wants to hear!

He took shots at "The Social Network", the 2010 movie that chronicled his rise. They got this sense of objective from having a job, going to church, or participating in community activities. He joked, "If I get through this speech today, it'll be the first time I actually finish something here at Harvard". "Now, years later, I understand that is how things work with no sense of higher goal". That dream has become Facebook, one of the biggest tech firms in the world.

Zuckerberg, who, like the graduates, is a millennial, started Facebook in his Harvard dorm room in 2004.

On Wednesday, Zuckerberg made a 24-minutes long Facebook Live video from his Harvard dorm room when he went back there. Without that support, he would not have had any backup if he failed.

On Thursday, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg went back to school. When he returned for his Facebook Live video earlier this week, it was the first time he had been there since dropping out of school more than a decade ago. "Technology and automation are eliminating many jobs. a lot of people are feeling disconnected and depressed", Zuckerberg said.

Zuckerberg told the story of how Facebook employees were torn over whether to sell the company several years ago, saying he felt there was a bigger goal. For five years, I've had dinner with those students every month. "We should have a society that measures progress not by economic metrics like GDP but by how many of us have a role we find meaningful".

And although Zuckerberg never officially graduated himself, he is the featured speaker during Harvard's afternoon commencement ceremony.

But perhaps the most poignant part of the speech is toward the end where Zuckerberg gets choked up talking about how one of those students is undocumented.

He and Chan share a few other stories, including how Zuckerberg was almost expelled for building "FaceSmash", a website on which students could compare each other's attractiveness, and the precursor to Facebook.

HollywoodLifers, what did you think of Mark's speech? Was it better or worse than what you expected?

  • Zachary Reyes