South Korean military fires warning shots at objects flown from North

Yonhap news agency reported, without citing a source, that South Korea fired about 90 machine gun rounds into the air and toward North Korea.

On Monday, Russian and Chinese deputy foreign ministers, Igor Morgulov and Kong Xuanyou, expressed concern over disproportionate U.S. military activities on the Korean peninsula and deployment of the THAAD missile defense systems in South Korea.

Only on Tuesday, 23 May, North Korea had issued a strong rebuke to the UN Security Council's condemnation of its missile test. It "immediately went towards the North", a South Korean official said at the time.

China on Tuesday pushed for dialogue with North Korea and the full implementation of United Nations sanctions over Pyongyang's ballistic missile and nuclear tests, skirting questions about Beijing's talks with the United States on possible new measures.

A statement that additional sanctions were merited after Pyongyang's ballistic missile test last weekend was released on Monday, signed by all 15 Security Council members, including North Korea's patron China.

The state-run Korean Central News Agency said that Kim was very pleased by the achievements because Pukgukson-2 was very accurate than the previous missiles.

North Korea has in recent years touted its drone program, a relatively new addition to its arsenal.

Tensions on the Korean Peninsula are running particularly high as North Korea continues making threats and launching missiles at an increased frequency.

The Security Council adopted two sanctions resolutions past year to ramp up pressure on Pyongyang and deny leader Kim Jong-Un the hard currency needed to fund his military programs.

And North Korean diplomat has warned the country is a fully-fledged nuclear power regardless of whether the world accepts that.

"On the basis of not violating the relevant (Security Council) resolutions, China maintains normal business and trade ties with the DPRK", foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying told reporters, using the initials of North Korea's official name.

Trump's Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, has vowed further economic and diplomatic pressure on Pyongyang.

It says the program is necessary to counter US aggression.

The United States has also called on China, which is North Korea's major trading partner to take up actions.

The UNSC is also due to hold a meeting behind closed doors on Tuesday at the request of the US, Japan and South Korea to discuss the North latest Korean launch.

Kim Jong-un's latest missile launch showed that the North Korea's military is finally able to operate weapons from anywhere in the country, not just from an exact predefined position.

  • Zachary Reyes