Provocative Israeli parade in occupied Jerusalem focus of dailies — Newspapers Review

"You can not say that the despicable act in Manchester is forbidden, but that here in Jerusalem it is allowed", he said in a jab directed at Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, whose Palestine Liberation Organization - which was labeled a terrorist group by Israel and the USA until the early 1990s - condemned the terrorist act in Britain.

Earlier Wednesday, police arrested two Islamic Waqf guards who allegedly assaulted a group of Israelis who entered a contested Jerusalem shrine.

East Jerusalem, where the most important Muslim, Christian, and Jewish religious sites are located, is considered occupied Palestinian territory under worldwide law.

A police spokeswoman said visits to the site resumed as normal after the 10 were removed.

The papers printed pictures of Israeli forces cracking down on Palestinian protesters against the parade, which was described by Amnesty International as a violation of international law and Palestinian rights, according to al-Ayyam.

The marchers, mainly ultranationalist religious Jewish youths, waved Israeli flags and blew horns as they passed through the Old City's Muslim Quarter en route to the Western Wall, above which is the city's most sensitive site, a hilltop compound where the al-Aqsa Mosque, the third holiest site to Muslims, resides.

The three Israeli paratroopers whose photograph has symbolized the Jewish return to the Western Wall were back there on Jerusalem Day at the exact hour when they liberated the site 50 years ago. "They have performed prayers and rituals of their own, while dozens of them have stormed the squares of the mosque in successive groups through the Mugrabi Gate".

"Returning to the Kotel with these people was nearly as exciting as my first time", Karasenti, the first paratrooper to reach the Western Wall in 1967, said in a statement.

"When the soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces broke through the gates of Jerusalem's Old City, they also punched a hole in the Iron Curtain, inspiring us Soviet Jews to start our struggle for freedom", Sharansky said in a statement.

  • Leroy Wright