Montana election pits behavior against partisan loyalties

One day after a Republican candidate for Congress allegedly body slammed a reporter, polls closed in Montana on Thursday evening for the the state's only House seat.

With almost 253,000 votes counted some two hours after polls had closed, Gianforte led Quist by 18,000 votes, or 51 percent to 43 percent. As Gianforte moved on top of Jacobs, he began yelling something to the effect of, "I'm sick and exhausted of this!"

"They don't know the difference between Donald Trump complaining about the press, ridiculing the press, and then some wacko who attacks a reporter and tries to beat him up during an interview", Hurt said.

"I was disappointed to see he flew off the handle like that", she said.

"This hasn't changed my view at all", said Kyle Nielsen, who has owned Grains of Montana Restaurant & Bakery in Billings for 13 years.

Gianforte's campaign said Jacobs was the aggressor in the incident and grabbed the candidate's wrist before they both fell to the ground.

The Gallatin County sheriff's office issued the citation for misdemeanor assault hours after Ben Jacobs, a political correspondent for the us edition of the Guardian newspaper, said in a Twitter post and in a television interview that Gianforte "body slammed" him, breaking his eyeglasses.

"I'm sick and exhausted of you guys", Gianforte can be heard saying in the audio tape. I should not have treated that reporter that way, and for that I'm sorry, Mr.

"This doesn't strike me as something that is going to fade away and I think he will be under intense pressure to resign".

House Speaker Paul Ryan, a Republican, said what occurred was "wrong and should not happen". I was very surprised last night.

"RightNow's products add leading customer experience capabilities that help empower companies to interact with and provide a consistent experience to customers across channels", Gianforte said in an Oracle press release announcing the $1.5 billion deal.

Instead, the win reaffirmed Montanas voters support for Trumps young presidency in a conservative-leaning state that voted overwhelmingly for him in November.

Gianforte could face additional, more serious charges once local prosecutors review the evidence, Gallatin County Attorney Marty Lambert told Reuters.

The race ultimately turned on the weaknesses of both Gianforte and his opponent, folk singer and Democrat Rob Quist, making it tough to use as a barometer for the nation's political mood.

Christie said it's ironic that Democrats fought for an all-mail ballot election given that the allegations against Gianforte were reported on the eve of the election.

When Jacobs says that there won't be time, Gianforte says "Just-" and there is a crashing sound.

"We'll talk to you about that later", Gianforte says on a recording posted by The Guardian, referring Jacobs to campaign spokesman Shane Scanlon. He campaigned last weekend with U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who won the state's 2016 Democratic presidential primary against Hillary Clinton.

Rob Quist (l) and Greg Gianforte (r) have been locked in an anything but boring battle in Montana's special election.

Montana Democratic Sen. Jon Tester, who is up for re-election in 2018 in what's expected to be a highly competitive race, said in a statement that the incident was now "in the hands of law enforcement".

In short, the United States now has a president who calls media outlets the "enemy of the people".

  • Leroy Wright