Melania and Ivanka Trump just caused some controversy in Saudi Arabia

The announcement by World Bank President Jim Young Kim came during a visit to Saudi Arabia by President Trump, who was accompanied by his wife, Melania, daughter Ivanka and son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

"Iran continues its hegemonic activities in this region in Yemen, in Iraq, in Syria, in its support of Hezbollah in Lebanon".

The Iranian president championed a nuclear deal with the United States and five other major powers in 2015 that led to the lifting of most sanctions against Iran past year, in return for curbs on its nuclear programme.

Yet she made her mark immediately in Saudi Arabia, descending Air Force One in a flowing black pantsuit and golden belt that was hailed by the local press as "classy and conservative", even though both she and Ivanka Trump declined to cover their faces in deference to local custom. Trump will have visited significant homes of three major religions by his trip's end, Islam, Judaism and Christianity, a point that his senior aides say is important in bolstering his argument that the Islamist militancy is a battle between "good and evil". This is also what the Iranian people want. In his declaration that he was "not here to lecture" was the promise that the USA would not tell others "how to worship".

He believes that Trump's views about Muslims have changed since the election, in part because of his interactions with a new generation of Saudi leaders.

"Bye-bye, Raisi", the crowds chanted during the street gatherings. "This is what we are trying to do: To give him a real picture of Saudi Arabia and Muslims", he said. It was delivered in a bling-encrusted hall to absolute rulers, hosted by a regime with an appalling human rights record, and it promised that the USA would no longer question the way they went about running their countries. "If he fails to deliver on at least 70 percent of those promises, his future is dark", he added.

Iran is a Shi'ite Muslim country.

Saudi Arabia adheres to an ultraconservative interpretation of Islamic Shariah law where unrelated men and women are segregated in most public places.

"We were not expecting to finalize things so quickly", said Basim Ibrahim, 31, who works for Global Shapers, a social media hub.

Earlier yesterday, Trump met Bahraini King Hamad, saying the two countries "have a wonderful relationship" - but "there has been a little strain".

Mr. Trump did ask Arab nations to do more in confronting groups like ISIL and his officials, speaking from Riyadh, said development of the region was dependent on stamping out the threat. Saudi Arabia immediately cut diplomatic ties and other Sunni Arab countries in the Gulf have taken a harder line on Iran since.

In his speech last Sunday, Trump, a guest of the Saudi monarch, spoke of a stronger alliance with mostly Sunni Muslim nations to fight terrorism and extremist ideology and to push back against Iran.

Trump also called for isolation of Iran for funding terrorists, drawing sharp criticism from Tehran.

Proponents of that approach hoped that engagement with Iran would lead to greater moderation among its leaders, paving the way for its eventual reintegration into the world system. It is obvious that years of long isolation, as well as sanctions imposed on the country, have affected the Iranian nation unfavorably. "But we had no idea how quickly this would build". They treated Trump like a fellow royal, literally garlanding him in gold, and promised to buy $350bn in U.S. arms over the coming decade. Some Palestinians said they were disappointed by the omission. "It shows that the majority in the Arab and Islamic worlds will be close to the USA if it chooses to engage".

  • Leroy Wright