McDonnell urges Labour supporters not to believe opinion polls

In a stunning U-turn, the Prime Minister said she wanted to "clarify" Conservative plans which have been dubbed a "Dementia Tax" by their opponents.

Currently, anyone with assets of over £23,250 is expected to pay the full cost of their care, which doesn't include the value of their homes.

The manifesto detailed proposals to charge people with assets worth over £100,000 for care within their own homes, the cost of which is now largely state-funded.

However Jeremy Corbyn's party was seen as more likely to improve the welfare state, with 66% saying they would, compared with one in three (33%) for the Tories.

"Our proposals are that we will refund social care, putting emergency money into it now so those million people waiting for social care don't wait".

It amounts to a significant concession after the Tory manifesto said proposals from the Dilnot Report on social care, which included a ceiling on the total amount any individual would have to pay, "mostly benefited a small number of wealthier people".

With average house prices in the United Kingdom at over £300,000, and at more than £500,000 in London, the policy amounted to a significant tax on many pensioners, unable to pass the value of their main asset to their children.

Mrs May sought to poach traditional Labour supporters with a mix of pledges more radical than those of her predecessor David Cameron.

Andrew Gwynne, Labour's election co-ordinator, said: "Theresa May has thrown her own election campaign into chaos and confusion".

Speaking during a campaign visit to Hull, Mr Corbyn said: "I'm not playing on anybody's fears, I'm expressing the fears that a lot of people have and I suggest the Prime Minister, instead of blaming me, should look to herself and look to her team and look to the policy, or lack of policy, that she's put forward".

Last week the Tories announced reform to the social care system in its manifesto. It is a stealth dementia tax.

Mrs May has been warned her plans could hit a roadblock because of poor-performing councils, already failing to make arrangements for people to pay for care after their deaths that were introduced in 2015.

He claimed pensioners will be 330 pounds ($430) a year worse off under the plans set out in the Tory manifesto.

"And we also said that we would protect £100,000 of your savings so, however expensive your care, you can pass something on to your family". The woman who has based her electoral appeal on providing the "strong and stable" leadership needed in negotiations on the terms of Britain's exit from the European Union went into a political meltdown.

A poll published at the weekend puts Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party at 35 percent - a four-point rise since the snap election was announced.

The Tory manifesto has a markedly different tone from Labour's, which promises a program of mass nationalization, more spending on the NHS, the abolition of tuition fees and zero-hour contracts, higher taxes for the country's rich and an end to the public sector pay gap.

Earlier it emerged the Conservatives had bought online adverts so that people searching for "dementia tax" were pointed towards a Tory website.

"This plan addresses the worry people have when they have a loved one with a long-term condition, and they don't know how they're going to afford to care for them".

  • Zachary Reyes