Manchester police stopped sharing info with US after leaks

Police in the United Kingdom have confirmed that an incident in the Hulme area of Manchester has ended.

The New York Times has defended the publication of leaked photographs appearing to show the bomb used in the Manchester terror attack and said the decision was "responsible".

The investigation into the suicide bomb that killed 22 and injured 59 at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester is ongoing, with police making two more arrests on Thursday morning.

And the man involved in a December attack in Berlin, Anis Amri, is also believed to have contacted ISIS in Libya prior to driving a truck into a Christmas market on December 19, killing 12 people and injuring 56 others.

Manchester police hope to resume intelligence sharing soon, but are furious with a story in the New York Times that included photos of the crime scene, the BBC reported, without saying where it got the information.

Police in Tripoli on Wednesday arrested Abedi's younger brother and his father, who said he did not expect the attack.

A suicide bomber set off the blast moments after the singer left the stage Monday at the 21,000-capacity Manchester Arena, one of the largest indoor venues in Europe.

The counter-terrorism force detained the father, Ramadan Abedi, outside his home in the Tripoli suburb of Ayn Zara on Wednesday afternoon.

Officers also raided a property in the Moss Side area of the city early Thursday and carried out a controlled explosion.

He said the relationship between the USA and Britain was the most cherished of all American ties and that "leaks of sensitive information pose a grave threat to our national security". "Humanitarian reasons, plus I want Russian Federation to greatly step up their fight against ISIS & terrorism", he wrote on Twitter.

Campaigning in the United Kingdom general election will resume on a phased basis today, firstly on local level before resuming nationally tomorrow. Twelve children under the age of 16 were taken to the hospital by ambulance following Monday night's attack.

As hundreds of British soldiers rush to protect some of the world's most visited tourist sites in London and elsewhere, police are pressing to uncover the network that is thought to have helped Abedi in the deadly attack.

Fifteen-year-old Millie Robson, wearing an Ariana Grande T-shirt, told the queen she had won VIP tickets to the pop star's concert.

"We were not quite sure about this, but when we arrested and we asked him, he told us, "I have ideology with my brother".

A spokesman said the brother was aware of Abedi's attack plan and both belonged to the Islamic State group, which claimed responsibility for the attack.

In 2015, ISIS set up a stronghold in Libya's port town of Sirte, which Libyan fighters seized back from the group in December 2016, thanks in part to USA airstrikes.

  • Zachary Reyes