Manchester bomber in Germany days before attack

Police in Manchester said they would stop sharing information with their American counterparts after photos appearing to show remnants from the bombing were published by the New York Times.

He pledged to ask the US Department of Justice to launch a review, and "if appropriate, the culprit should be prosecuted".

Police are hunting for a possible bomb-maker after the 22-year-old attacker, British-born Salman Abedi, detonated a sophisticated device at a concert venue packed with children on Monday night, killing 22 people and injuring 64.

Manchester police have not commented since, although a national counterterrorism official said in a statement that his agency has received "fresh assurances" from worldwide partners and is working closely with global law enforcement groups, including the U.S. Former U.S. President Barack Obama, meeting German Chancellor Angela Merkel at an event in Berlin, said the pair were "heartbroken", while Trump told fellow North Atlantic Treaty Organisation leaders the attack was "savage" and "barbaric".

"Officers are in attendance and we are now assessing the situation". The latest arrests take the total number of men in custody for the terror attack to eight.

The name of the alleged bomber, Salman Abedi, was also published in United States news outlets before it was officially announced by UK authorities.

Britain's National Police Chiefs' Council warned Wednesday that leaks of potential evidence "undermine our investigations" and the UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd said she had made it clear that leaks "should not happen again".

USA channel ABC News reported that police had found a kind of bomb-making workshop in Abedi's home and he had apparently stockpiled enough chemicals to make additional bombs.

- A 23-year-old man is arrested by masked police in the Chorlton area of south Manchester near where Abedi is believed to have lived.

British suicide bomber who killed 22 people and wounded 116 might have made the bomb himself or with some assistance from an accomplice, a source with knowledge of the investigation told Reuters.

British Prime Minister Theresa May is expected to raise the issue of the leaks with President Donald Trump in Brussels later.

On Wednesday, new details about Abedi emerged, including that he had been known to intelligence services, Rudd told the BBC.

Police in Germany confirmed Thursday that Abedi had traveled through Dusseldorf Airport on his way to Manchester a few days before the attack. The report said one suspect device was blown up in a controlled explosion.

The country has been on that level of alert since suicide-bomb attacks on the Brussels airport and subway killed 32 people past year. He was picked up while allegedly receiving a money transfer from Salman Abedi.

According to a family friend who asked not to be identified, the boys' father had taken his sons to Libya in mid-April and confiscated their passports so they couldn't return to the United Kingdom where they'd been in trouble with gangs.

His father, Ramadan Abedi, and brother, Hashim, have also been arrested in Libya. Abedi got his passport back after telling his father he was going on a pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia, but returned to England instead. CNN has not been able to independently verify the details from the militia.

Queen Elizabeth visited the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital, where some of the casualties have been treated, and was filmed chatting with a girl lying injured on a ward.

  • Joanne Flowers