Jose Mourinho hopeful Europa League trophy will make Manchester "a little happier"

"I think, first of all, Manchester is a city like Glasgow, it is a working class city, we have fantastic people there and they will get together", he said. At a time when we are grieving for the families that have lost loved ones we have a sport that has bought a little happiness at a hard time... "It's just a football game, it's just a trophy, but if we can help support them with this one per cent it's enough for us".

"We came without the happiness we should bring with us, because when you come for these big matches, you come happy, you come proud".

"You know, if you're asking me if I'm a better player now than I was 10 years ago, then obviously I'm not", he said.

He went on to lament his inability to take part in the 2-0 Europa League final win over Ajax on Wednesday night. The club earned 6.5 million euros (7.29 million US dollars) for beating Ajax, three million more than their opponents, and will collect 12.7 million euros for entering the group stage of the Champions League. "That's the way I look at things", Mourinho continued.

"It means everything. It means the third trophy and going back to the Champions League and winning a European trophy and playing Super League in Macedonia in August and means for the club the last piece of the puzzle".

"I'm very happy but I want to dedicate the trophy to the victims. We didn't", Bosz, the first coach to steer Ajax to a major European final since Louis van Gaal in 1996, said.

Taking nothing away from Mkhitaryan's instinctive flicked finish, the former Borussia Dortmund man wouldn't have even been in position to put the ball in the back of the net if it weren't for instructions given to him just seconds before by Herrera.

"I thought the game was boring".

"We didn't have many chances".

"A very intelligent team, we knew exactly how to win and we did it quite in a comfortable way against a good team".

"I think there's a big difference in how the teams play - it's not about strength but how you use your bodies".

"For all the players, this is the first final".

  • Julie Sanders