GOP candidate accused of assaulting reporter wins House seat, apologizes for 'mistake'

The Washington Post reported that state and county election officials have been fielding phone calls from voters hoping to switch their vote, but that is not allowed.

"I'm sick and exhausted of you guys", Gianforte said.

Montana's Republican senator, Steve Daines, joined Ryan in calling for the apology Thursday in a terse tweet: "Greg Gianforte needs to apologize".

Tapper echoed the newspaper's stance. Slammed him to the ground, punched him, broke his glasses, and was charged with assault.

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. And to see this person who wants to be the one representative into the House of Representatives from Montana be sort of a wannabe Trump, you know, use language like that, treat people harshly like that, that's his model.

The altercation took place when Jacobs tried to ask Gianforte for his take on the recently released Congressional Budget Office score of the new health care replacement bill.

Geist then posed another question: "Would you call on the majority to not allow him to take office?"

The special election for Montana's lone House seat is Thursday.

Gianforte was issued a citation for misdemeanor assault.

But at least 260,000 votes had been cast absentee before the incident occurred, and Republicans said Thursday they sensed that the altercation hadn't made much difference - even in the face of intense national, state and even global coverage of the election and alleged assault.

The incident on Wednesday prompted a local newspaper to withdraw its endorsement and House Speaker Paul Ryan urged him to apologize for it. I should not have treated that reporter that way, and for that I'm sorry Mr Ben Jacobs.

Jacobs' recording, which contradicted claims by Gianforte's campaign that the "liberal journalist" was the aggressor, quickly became a key part of the unfolding story. Hours later, Gianforte's lawyer contacted the sheriff's office, Gootkin told reporters.

Politicians around the country and here in OH are sounding off on the allegations that a Republican congressional candidate body slammed a reporter and has been criminally charged.

Bullock defeated Gianforte by 20,000 votes previous year in Montana's gubernatorial election. A Fox News reporter in the room at the time setting up to interview Gianforte confirms Jacobs' account of what happened. The last time you came in here you did the same thing.

Ryan told reporters at a news conference, "Physical adjustment?"

What struck me was that folk singer Quist was making a race of a contest that millionaire businessman Gianforte should have won easily, given his greater campaign resources, Donald Trump's 20-point margin in Montana and national Democrats' tepid support through most of the contest.

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