Eurovision 2017 averages 6.7m viewers on BBC One

Sobral is waiting for a heart transplant and was not able to take part in all of the rehearsals in the run up to the big competition in Kiev, Ukraine.

The win for Portugal was confirmed when 376 points from the public vote gave them a huge total of 758 for a resounding victory over Bulgaria.

Unfortunately, Macedonia did not qualify for the grand final of Eurovision 2017.

Kristian Kostov of Bulgaria was runner-up and Moldova's Sunstroke Project finished third. Unlike the 25 other competitors who performed on a wide stage backed by flashing lights, bursts of flames and other effects, Sobral sang from a small elevated circle in the middle of the crowd, an intimate contrast to others' bombast.

Portugal has won the Eurovision song contest while Australia has taken out a respectable ninth place.

United States viewers can watch the grand final streamed live via Logo, though they won't be able to cast votes. "Well done Salvador Sobral!" the team said. After being announced as the victor, Sobral performed the ballad again, this time in duet with his sister Luisa.

Eurovision has a major following, and it has helped to boost the careers of many performers - including Sweden's ABBA which won in 1974 with the song "Waterloo". Officials, however, deemed the song was acceptable under the rules of Eurovision.

Eurovision, in its 62nd year, is aimed at apolitical entertainment.

Russian Federation boycotted this year's event after Ukraine barred its contestant from entering the country - a symptom of the countries' toxic relations since Moscow's annexation of Ukraine's Crimea peninsula in 2014.

Fears have been rising over whether Israel would be eligible to enter Eurovision next year, thanks to their closure of local broadcasting network, thus nullifying their European Broadcasting Union membership due to a lack of news broadcasting on their new network. His song, he says, is a criticism of Western approaches to Eastern cultures and cites socio-biologist Desmond Morris as an influence.

"We are really cementing our place in the competition", Creasey added. Let us know your thoughts by commenting below.

  • Arturo Norris